"now the comeback part is done. when we get to skate canada, we just get to compete and i really like that." 
tessa after autumn classic international

2016 Autumn Classic International

featured: interview after free dance (youtube)

practice/warm up videos

short dance practice (youtube)
short dance warm up (youtube)
short dance practice v2 (twitter)
free dance practice 2 (youtube)
free dance practice 4 (youtube)
free dance practice 5 (youtube)
free dance practice 6 (youtube)
free dance practice 7 (youtube)
free dance practice 8 (youtube)

interview videos

interview after short dance (youtube)
interview after free dance (youtube)

competitive videos

short dance (dailymotion)
short dance (youtube)
short dance (youtube, copy 2)
short dance (group 1) (dailymotion - starts 21:50)
free dance (dailymotion)
free dance (dailymotion, copy 2)
free dance (dailymotion, copy 3)
free dance (vimeo)
free dance (youtube - no sound)
free dance (youtube - fan angle - no sound)
free dance (group 2) (dailymotion - starts at 24:20)

medal ceremony



Ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir return to competition with Montreal event (Montreal Gazette)
Virtue and Moir thrilled to be back (Canadian Press)
Virtue and Moir thrilled to be back (video - Canadian Press)
Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir golden in return to competition (CBC)
Back and better than ever? Virtue, Moir impress (icenetwork)
virtue and moir skate one step at a time (Londoner)


This and That: 2016 Japan Open & Autumn Classic (starts at 55:00 with a chat about the short dance then Tessa and Scott ... and they are also mentioned at the end, for the favourite moment segment)


opening pose
opening pose copy 2
by the boards
middle of short dance
middle of free dance
short dance
here's looking at you
mid free dance
mid short dance
free dance spin
mid-stroke in free dance
opening move in free dance
a lift
another photo of a spin
kiss and cry


short dance
free dance


between Prince and Sam Smith, these videos will have a hard time keeping the audio because the estates of either performers will try to have them taken down. So watch them while you can. I believe that when the videos are hosted on official sites (e.g. CBC) that they'll stay up, but then international viewers might not be able to see ithem

thanks to shayii for helping me find photos.
thanks to *ice princess* for helping me find the medal ceremony video

tessa and scott are returning to competition

featured: montage and announcement (fan copy, cbc)


montage and announcement (fan copy, cbc)
montage and announcement (fan copy, rough, cbc)
montage (fan copy cbc)
montage (cbc)
announcement (fan copy, cbc)
announcement of the announcement (fan copy, cbc)
montage and announcement (cbc)


virtue, moir returning to competition next season (icenetwork)
tessa virtue, scott moir to return for 2016-17 season (cbc)
canadian ice dancers tessa virtue and scott moir to return next season (ctv)
virtue/moir announce return to competition - with new coaches (rocker skating)
virtue and moir to return next season (tsn, canadian press)
canadian ice dancers virtue and moir to return next season (toronto sun)
tessa virtue, scott moir announce return to figure skating, twitter erupts (cbc)
ice dancers tessa virtue and scott moir to return next season (espn, associated press)
scott moir and tessa virtue announce return to competitive realm (london free press)
tessa and scott to train in montreal - shpilband (rsport.ru)
tessa and scott embrace challenge of regaining status (icenetwork)
tessa virtue's year of yes (best health)
ice queen tessa virtue talks finding balance on the road back to the olympics (et canada)
tessa and scott: excited, nervous, passionate (absolute skating)
marie france interviewed (pink power)
TSL's Interview with Marie-France Dubreuil (the skating lesson)

social media

tessa's twitter announcement
scott's twitter announcement
tessa's instagram announcement

updated: july 16, 2016

"it was necessary for us to take some time off and i felt like after the sochi games, that year has made us fall in love with the sport again and now we're kind of coming back with a fresh perspective and kind of fresh energy" 
scott, return to the ice

an entire season without them

it's been a while since we saw them on championship ice, and by them i mean tessa and scott. i remember when they took their final bows, then skated off the ice to receive their career best scores which would place them second at the olympics. i remember because tears would fill my eyes and i'd get emotional. it felt like the end.

but then the new season started and i had to make a few choices. do i continue to follow figure skating at all or do i move on? and if i do continue, do i follow each event or do i tune in for worlds? basically, do i get invested in the season at all? and do i get invested in any other skater?

i don't know if other fans had this dilemma. i ended up following the entire season so i saw the ascent of weaver and poje. i felt appreciation for a few dances, but there wasn't a team that really captured my imagination. that said, this was great. i found myself watching the entire ice dance flight, instead of just tuning in for tessa and scott. i found myself being able to relax, even when the competition heated up, because i wasn't invested in any particular outcome. but more importantly, i was able to enjoy many dance teams. this actually reminded me of when i travelled to london, ontario, to watch the 2010 nationals. i remember enjoying every dance team that i saw.

but as i watched, i found myself analyzing how the landscape was changing and how that affected a tessa and scott comeback. at skate canada, they pretty much unretired themselves and said that they might come back. so ... the fact that weaver and poje won bronze at worlds means that there is still room for tessa and scott to come back. they haven't actually equalled tessa and scott's best results. but the fact that they won the grand prix final and their season was almost undefeated means that they're very competitive. plus, the fact that gabriella and guillaume won worlds means that tessa and scott probably are not going to train in montreal with marie france simply because that's where gabriella and guillaume train and it gets really complicated when two world number 1s train under the same coach and go after the same gold.

did i miss tessa and scott? yes, but it was most acute at the beginning of the season when everyone's paso let me down. i immediately wondered what kind of a paso tessa and scott could have created. i started to miss a program i never saw -- weird but understandable. i thought back to their paso compulsory dance, to their flamenco original dance and to carmen in order to believe that it would have been spectacular.

by the end of the season, both tessa and scott were firmly on social media so their tweets were all over my feed. they had skated in shows such as skate niagara and art on ice. they were still showing up at nationals as commentators. we still got to hear tessa's laugh, see scott's sense of humour play out, and watch them soak in their new life.

OWL Awards Dinner Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Interview

Question: I'm wondering, does it ever get old for the two of you to hear yourselves introduced as Canadian, Olympic and World champions? Does it ever get old for you?
Scott: I don't know if it really hit yet to be honest. Sometimes when they go "Olympic champion, two time silver medalists", sometimes I think they're introducing someone else.
Tessa: It's very disconnected
Scott: I don't really feel like that's really us, but what's great is to come back to a community like this and feel the support of the people who really there rooting for you through those times, both in Vancouver and in Sochi

art on ice 2015

Tessa's interview with Strong Fitness Magazine

Tessa Virtue is the kind of woman who walks into a room and leaves an impression.

Maybe it’s her genuine smile or her contagious enthusiasm, but more likely it’s because you know that you’re hanging out with a very accomplished young woman—although she’s hardly the type to mention it. By the time she was 20, Tessa was an Olympic pairs ice dancer (along with partner, Scott Moir), earning gold at the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and two silver medals in 2014 in Sochi. Now that she’s stepped back from intense competing, she’s able to open herself up to a world of new and exciting opportunities, from career-related projects to new personal goals.

We caught up with this inspiring 25-year-old to find out what life is all about now that she’s spreading her wings.

Read more here

Bradley and Walker Radio Show

full interview here


Host: Olympic gold medalist and Canadian hero, Tessa Virtue! Tessa, thanks for coming on the show so early. ... Where are we talking to you today?

Tessa: I'm actually in L.A. I'm here for a costume fitting

Host: We have a costume fitting today also. ... We saw you posted today on Twitter about the anniversary of the gold medal in Vancouver, which really -- the farther we get away from it, the more we'll remember what a great moment that was. You said that in your career, that was far and away the number one moment. Do you think differently now than you did one year ago?

Tessa: You know, it's so interesting. I posted that [photo] in a selfish way to reflect on the past year and I could not believe the outpouring of support. It was incredibly touching to receive all of these comments from fans on Sochi. ... Is it it normal to feel that disconnected? It's like someone else accomplished those things. The photos and videos don't feel like it was me. That's only a year out. I can't imagine 20 years from now how I'll be feeling but it's just incredible. I can't believe the past year has just flown by. ... The team was close. There were a lot of text messages flowing back and forth between the athletes. It was just a unique feeling and we were so grateful to have had those experiences ...