"when we first played roxanne, scott and i toyed around with various movements to hit the first note. it's so strong. we were so dramatic and almost theatrical about how we envisioned things. then sam came and choreographed just a little shudder, where i look up. it's as though scott is controlling me. it's so simple, almost unreadable in movement and i thought, wow, that's brilliant”
tessa explaining the opening moves of roxanne.

be the cheer

copy 1

tessa and scott go back to celebrate their original choreographer, suzanne killing.

"This is undoubtedly the pinnacle of our career. The honour of carrying the Canadian flag into the opening ceremony at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang brings with it a sense of duty, privilege and above all, great pride. Pride in representing a nation whose values stand for unity, diversity, fairness and inclusion. Pride in marching with a team of inspiring athletes who will fearlessly and courageously compete for Canada on the world's biggest stage. Pride in our maple leaf and all that it represents."
tessa after being named flag bearer with scott for canada at the 2018 winter olypmics

Tessa and Scott selected as Canada’s flag bearers for 2018 Olympics

featured: Announcement (copy 3, CTV)

the announcement was made by the prime minister of canada in the halls of canada's parliament building. tessa and scott gave a speech, waved the flag, then answered questions before giving interviews


Announcement (CBC)
Announcement (copy 1, CBC Sports)
Announcement (copy 2, Canadian Press)
Announcement (copy 3, CTV)
Announcement (copy 4, Global News)
Announcement (copy 5, Skate Canada)
Announcement (copy 6, The National)
Virtue and Moir make history carrying Canada's flag together into South Korea (ottawa citizen)
Olympics - Canada's Virtue and Moir named flag bearers for Pyeongchang (reuters)
'Hometown heroes:' Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue named Canada's Olympic flag bearers (cbc)
Virtue, Moir selected as Canada’s flag bearers for 2018 Winter Olympics (london free press)

2018 nationals - gala

featured: official broadcast (french)

fan's perspective
official broadcast (french)

"This was a big moment for Tessa and I. We don’t feel like we will back on this stage again so we wanted to make sure we had a good performance.”
scott after their final competitive skate at nationals

goodbye tessa and scott (and patrick, meagan and eric)

at the 2018 canadian nationals, tessa and scott won their 8th national title and skated at their last nationals, but they weren't alone. three other great champions took to the ice for the last time -- patrick chan (10 time canadian men's champion, 3 time world champion, and 2 time olympic silver medallist), and meagan duhamel and eric radford (7 time canadian pairs champions, 2 time world champions, and olympic silver medalists). this video pays tribute using former champions and future stars, and says thank you and goodbye.

"ladies and gentlemen, that is a perfect score. that is a perfect score!”
tracy wilson when she saw the marks after the free dance

"perfect score! in the presentation side, perfection today in vancouver. tessa virtue and scott moir say goodbye to the nationals with a perfect skate!”
rod black when he saw the marks after the free dance

"[perfection] across the board!”
tracy wilson following up on rod's comments

"124.70 — that’s as good as it gets.”
tracy wilson, so proud


- photo credit: danielle earl
- another great photo is found here

"it's the entrances, the exits. look at the details. right from the tip of their fingers. not missing a beat of the music. this program couldn’t be more difficult, more nuanced, and executed more perfectly — emotionally, technically.”
tracy wilson after the free dance

2018 nationals - free dance

featured: free dance (vimeo, ctv)

free dance

free dance (youtube, ctv with interview)
free dance (youtube, ctv)
free dance (youtube, ctv, copy 1)
free dance (vimeo, ctv)


Virtue, Moir capture 8th Canadian ice dance title with immaculate performance (canadian press)
Virtue and Moir heating up for the Olympics (the toronto star)
gabby announces olympic ambitions with canadian record performance (national post)

articles leading up to nationals

Virtue, Moir hope revamped programs will lift them to Olympic gold (cbc)
Figure skating icons look to go out on top, build Olympic momentum at their final nationals (cbc)
tessa and scott reborn after the grand prix final (bev smith)

warm up

free dance warm up


thursday practice
thursday practice (copy 1)
thursday practice (fan cam)
thursday practice (fan cam, another version)
thursday practice (vimeo)

interviews / fluff

retrospective (youtube)
press and retrospective (youtube)
retrospective (tsn)
interview before free dance (youtube)
a make or break: music (fluff with ice dancers and ladies)
passing the torch (youtube)
post free dance interview (youtube)
preview dance and women's programs and behind the scenes (youtube)


choreographic lift
choreographic lift 2
post marks, waving to the crowd
skating off ice
hug at end
final lift
medals 2
reaction: winning with perfect marks
reaction: winning with perfect marks (danielle earl)

short videos

highlights - tango de roxanne and others
another look at the finale
fan cam of tango de roxanne
fan cam of opening sequence

announcing the olympic team

interview after announcement
Skate Canada interview

medal ceremony

medal ceremony for dance
medal ceremony for dance (copy 1)
medal ceremony for dance (copy 2)


skate canada's score sheet

"the greatest ice dance team the world has ever seen, tessa virtue and scott. they make everyone in the game better. … they reached the pinnacle with their [2010] gold medal win, but they just gone above that, in my opinion, in terms of where they have taken the sport -- to a whole new level. [better than torvill and dean?] yes! [better than all the great ones?] yes! oh, believe me. you have to look at longevity, versatility, what they have brought to this sport over so many years, redefining themselves, redefining the sport, and reaching across cultures, boundaries."
tracy wilson responding to rod black immediately after the free dance