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"Canadian darlings Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have captured their third ice dance title at the world figure skating championships in Helsinki, Finland.”
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“It’s not the way we thought we would win. But if you had told us at the beginning of the season that this was the place we would be in and we would have achieved this kind of success really consistently throughout the whole year, we would have been thrilled. So we have to come back to that and remember what this was all about and remember why we wanted to be here. In that respect, it was a huge success.”
tessa in free dance press conference

post-free dance cbc interview

"We've never had a quote-unquote perfect season, never had that kind of run of golds, and at this point it's fun to have on our resume. But more than that, what we've been able to accomplish personally as athletes has been the most satisfying."
tessa in free dance press conference

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"wasn’t she great today?! she really held my butt up today. she was fantastic”
scott as he hugged tessa post-free dance. tessa replied, "he was too!"

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"that’s really what this has all been about. this season has been preparation for the olympics. we’re trying to learn as much as possible to set ourselves up to simulate the feeling. i think this is a great start and we’re looking forward to building on that and hopefully allow our skating to improve even more”
tessa being asked about the olympics, after free dance

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short dance practise
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dancing way to another gold (the toronto star ... roise. be warned)
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twenty years (canadian press video)
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