changes to the short and free dances

Tessa and Scott had a great holiday period and went back to training, ready to rethink and reevaluate their programs. The grand prix circuit had provided them with a lot of feedback and the two of them, working with their coaches, addressed those areas. I like both programs as they are, but I'm curious to see the changes. I'm actually looking forward to costume changes more than anything else because i think that the right costumes can transform the perception of the dance, but that topic isn't addressed here.

From Icenetwork:

what changes will be debuted at the canadian national championships --

In Funny Face [the free dance], they reworked their curve lift, the first in the routine. Moir will now do it on two feet. They've also changed some connecting steps in the program after getting feedback that it was a bit too static.

"Hopefully, we will be covering a lot more ice with a lot more power," Moir said. "We heard that we were stopping too much and dancing on the spot, and we tried to change that."

The team's Latin American short dance to rumba and samba rhythms also went in for an overhaul. A lift was moved with an eye toward earning better GOE (Grade of Execution) points from the judges.

"We kind of renovated the short dance a little bit to make it more exciting," Moir said. "Specifically, we wanted to end with more of a bang, so we took the [rotational] lift which was in the middle of the program [during] the rumba music and put it at the end so it's a little bit more of a dynamic lift."

what happens to the essence of the programs? --

Moir assured that the essence of the program is unchanged.

"We're keeping the theme of the free dance intact. Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, keeping those characters intact," he said. "It's one of our favorite [programs]. Even though we say its our favorite every year, this one really feels like a favorite."

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