Jazz Dance, Rhumba, CD and OD. Talking with Virtue/Moir during the Trophée Bompard

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Virtue/Moir FD

In Paris last month our correspondent Laura Sciarrillo met Tessa Virtue e Scott Moir. Here’s what they had to say about their current programs.  

AOI: Can you tell us something more about your Free Dance?

Tessa: It was really hard to nail down the music cuts. I think we had about four or five parts of the movie that we really wanted to show and it just got a little bit too choppy with the music, with only four minutes. We finally narrowed down to three and got the cuts exactly the way we wanted. I think the program really builds, that's a lot thanks to the music. I remember in one of the first session we did, we had Scott's iPad with the movie playing on it and we were trying to put on as many moves from the movie onto the ice. A lot [of moves are] from that jazz-contemporary scene, where Audrey [Hepburn] is in a jazz club and she's dancing.

There are some cool movements through it so I think we tried to get that onto the ice and just incorporate that throughout what was arms movement or actual footwork. That started the base of the program and helped to set a field to what kind of story we wanted to portray.

During the making of the program it was really fun to see Scott embracing the character, he really loves the movie now.

Scott: Working with Tessa and Marina [Zueva] is fantastic, they're both so creative and have great ideas. They hear the music and have a vision for what could work in every section of it. To work with both at the same time is amazing.

Tessa: At the same time watching Scott is so interesting, he doesn't give himself enough credit. He just feels the music and with any kind of music at the rink he starts dancing and moving so naturally. I think it's a good balance between all of us together.


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