Point of Nationals when they'll obviously win?

Of course Tessa and Scott will win the 2012 Canadian Figure Skating Championships for ice dance. No one can challenge them for the title. Instead of it being boring, it's actually rather interesting. Everyone will be watching to see how well they can stake a claim for the world title and how the changes to their programs will look. It's one big love fest for the two so it's a safe environment for debuting changes and experimenting. Everyone is rooting for them, from the crowds to the judges. Worlds may be the most important competition but Nationals is very special.

From the Toronto Star --

Tracy Wilson, expert commentator for CTV and TSN, believes their performance at these championships looms large in their attempt to win back their world title this season.

“It's huge, I think,” said Wilson. “This is where you want to come out and take some risks. Personally, I'm expecting that and I'd like to see it . . . . I will be interested to see how they handled it, because to me it can be a blessing in disguise because you now go on to the next level with your material.

“I think they're not maxing out their capacity. I say that only because they are capable of so much.”

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From the Toronto Sun --

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir could do the Hokey Pokey and still win the ice dance competition at this weekend’s Canadian figure skating championships.

Of course, they won’t be skating to that particular dance, but it doesn’t matter what program or music they use, they will prevail. They’re that good.

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From TSN --

"It's always fun and nerve-wracking skating in front of the Canadian crowd, so it puts a little bit of pressure on us," Virtue said. "That's good for us, and I think it's a great stepping stone heading into Four Continents and worlds."

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