videos for 2012 spring championships

featured: the ice dance medal ceremony for the 2012 world championships

canadian nationals

short dance - tsn 
short dance - commentary free
final flight of short dance - tsn
short dance - fan version
free dance - tsn
free dance final flight - tsn,
free dance - fan
free dance - commentary free
gala - commentary free
gala finale - commentary free
Scott was interviewed by a local London radio station before 2012 Nationals - here
post fd interview and medal ceremony - tsn
interview post fd - pj kwong
gala rehearsal / fluff with scott and tessa after sd - tsn
driven for success fluff - tsn
fluff with tessa - skatebuzz


short dance - daily motion commentary free, youtube commentary free
short dance - fan 
short dance run through in practice - fan
short dance practice - fan
short dance warm up group - commentary free
backstage before short dance - commentary free
free dance - youtube commentary free, cbc commentary free, italian commentary, american commentary
backstage before free dance - commentary free
warm up free dance - video
small medal ceremony part 1 - video
small medal ceremony part 2 - video
general gala - video
gala number with interview - video
dancing before the exhibition* - gifs
exhibition opening* - video
victory ceremony - video

*before the gala started, the champions were introduced around the arena. the lights hit patrick and he waved. the chinese waves. tessa and scott? they got down, dancing


short dance - eurosport, hq, cbc
entire short dance event and opening ceremony - cbc
free dance - eurosport, commentary free, cbc
entire free dance event - cbc

preview / fluff
cbc update from day 1 - cbc
detroit fluff - cbc
fluff on qualifying 3 per discipline - cbc
pj preview - cbc
tracy and kurt preview - cbc
whole preview show (ice dancers at 21 minutes) - cbc
fluff on igor and marina -  here

practices / warm up / off ice
practice - fd, sd, fd practice outfits
off ice practice - fan
free dance practice - fan
free dance practice in HD - fan
short dance practice - fan
exhibition practice - fan
before short dance - fan
before free dance - here
warm up - fan
gala practice - fan
chatting while alissa rehearses - fan

medals - fan, professional
post medals - fan

post-event goodies
press conference -  globe and mail
press conference - fan
small medals - fan
gala group - here
gala solo dance - fan
gala solo dance - feed
final bows at exhibition - here

interviews / wrap up
pre-short dance interview - cbc
interview immediately post-win - feed, fan
post-fd interview - here
pre-fd interview - radio canada
post-fd interview with tracy wilson - here
eurosport summary and interview - here

world team trophy

promoting wtt with patrick - here
short dance - here 
short dance warm up - here
free dance - here
kiss and crys - here
replays - here
victory ceremony - here
gala - here
gala opening - here
gala finale - here


competition videos from the grand prix and preseason - here
grand prix and preseason fluff and interviews - here

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