Virtue, Moir shake it up

From the Globe and Mail --

At the Grand Prix Final in Quebec City, the three-time Canadian champions received feedback that they had been standing too long in spots. They “renovated” the short dance to make it more exciting, especially toward the end of the routine when the pace of the music intensifies.

“We wanted to end with more of a bang,” Moir said.

They took a lift from the middle of the program to more sensual rumba music and put it at the end. And because it’s a rotational lift, done to fast-paced music, the lift should become more dynamic.

Virtue and Moir hope the change will bring them more execution points.

In the free dance, they’ve kept the concept of a lift done on a curve, but Moir will not skate it on one foot any longer. The change gives them more speed across the ice.

This season, they’ve also made changes to the way they train, with an eye toward preventing the re-occurrence of injuries that sidelined Virtue for much of two seasons.

The plan now? Periodization training, the experts call it. Instead of training day in and day out, they train hard when they need to, and rest when they need to.

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