commemorating olympic victory and a nod to sochi

tessa and scott after the free dance at the olympics. source

two years ago, around this time, tessa and scott won gold at the 2010 olympic winter games in vancouver, canada, becoming the first north american ice dancers to claim that title. here is a article in russian commemorating that win and talking about sochi. below is an excerpt using google translator

- With regard to your possible participation in the Olympics in Sochi. Are not you afraid that after winning the first Olympic Games ... [you could lose in Sochi?]
SM and TV: No!
TV: Whatever happens in the future, the title we have, no one takes it away -- it will always be with us. Perhaps this awareness helps to relieve stress. We skate for ourselves, because we want it, love it and think that we can do more... we can bring something new to figure skating. We already have a gold medal. I think that if we don't win another, we haven't lost. 
SM: Yeah. 
TV: We would be more sorry if I did not try to win again.
 SM: As for the fear of defeat, any athlete will tell you: this is no reason to abandon the competition. And if we meet in Sochi, then we'll go there to fight for the gold, no doubt.

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