thoughts on finnstep and yankee polka

Tensions were a little tight backstage at the World Arena in Colorado Springs on Saturday – not between the competitors at the Four Continent Championships – but between the top ranking stars and their Association.

An announcement had just been made that the Finnstep Pattern Dance will be part of the requirements for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi where Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir hope to defend the Olympic laurels they earned in Vancouver.

Moir questioned the Chair of the International Skating Union’s Ice Dance Committee, Halina Gordon Poltarek, about the ISU’s decision to include the Finnstep in the Games, and the Yankee Polka for next year’s world championships, which are in his home town, London, Ontario.

Virtue explained, “Nobody I’ve talked to likes the idea of watching a Polka. I agree with Scott. Why can’t we just have an Original Dance which would be more audience friendly?”

Her partner is adamant in his belief that, “The pattern dance slows down our presentation. This season’s Rhumba – the dance on ice dates back  to 1964! The (set) steps slow our routines down.”

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