free dance music suggestions

featured: tamacun. rodrigo y gabriela.

eclectic / indie
"continue to grow as artists in the direction they want."
sigur ross - hoppipolla
sigur rós - inní mér syngur vitleysingur
phantogram  - when i'm small
ladytron - destroy everything you touch
the kills - sour cherry
the kills - alphabet pony
mono - life in mono
idioteque - radiohead
rodrigo y gabriela - hanuman
rodrigo y gabriela - tamacun

antares - tragically hip
eagles - hotel california

black black heart - david usher
black black heart (slow version) - david usher
weapon of choice - fatboy slim
rockafeller skank - fatboy slim
praise you - fatboy slim 

"tessa and scott's perfect lines and elegance need to be explored."
the flower duet (lakmé)
joe hisaishi - okuribito
yo yo ma & bobby mcferrin - vivaldi
yo yo ma - bach´s cello suite no. 1
radetzky march
adagio for strings

"chemistry, rhythm and soul"
oh! what a circus - evita
another suitcase in another hall - evita
buenos aires - evita
you must love me - evita
i'd be surprisingly good for you - evita
evita - credits
west side story - tonight
west side story - america
west side story - mambo

jazz / blues
"since we never had a senior blues compulsory or short dance"
the beatles - don't let me down
georgia on my mind - gerald albright
hit the ground - lizz wright
show dancing in a burning room - john mayer

"they need something that people will instantly get into and be swept by"
kerry muzzey - bernini's angels
battlestar galactica season 4 - kara remembers

"ethereal, but grand"
kerry muzzey - palladio: rebuilt
cider house rules theme
rachel portman - we had today
rachel portman - we all complete

"it's kind of heavy and deep, something I don't think they've explored"
time - hans zimmer


thanks to everyone who submitted over at fsu and to those who put up with our seemingly endless suggestions. in particular, thanks to martyross for compiling many of the videos and titles. it is next to impossible to wade through an old virtue-moir thread and actually find what you're looking for. and thanks to those who helped me out with explanations, especially shayii.


Anonymous said...

This is great!! It would be amazing if they saw these and considered using any of these great music suggestions.

iggie said...

the more i put this together, the more i realized how hard it is to choose. i'm sure they'll pick well.