music suggestion introduction

featured free dance suggestion: we all complete. rachel portman.

now that the 2011-2012 season is done and we’re no longer in angst over pcs marks or spending our evenings waiting for nikaquest to upload videos minutes after tessa and scott have skated, fans start contemplating music for the next season. marina, igor, tessa and scott will choose what they’ll choose but we as fans will react swiftly and strongly to that selection, weighing our original expectations for the music and the vision with the reality on our screens come skate canada, or finlandia. we might as well take some time to talk about those ideas. it keeps us entertained in the off season, helps us to see the range that is possible and helps us to understand how hard it'll be for team canton to ultimately decide. they only have, by all accounts, two free dances left.

free dance suggestions can be found here and polka suggestions, here. an icenetwork article on choosing music can be found here

"tessa and scott, continue to grow as artists, performers and dancers, skating to something you believe in and can invest your hearts in."
walei, reflecting on music selection


jolie oligny said...

This track makes me cry all the time, It's so beautiful.

iggie said...

it is nice