"my coaches are canadian and american. they are from russia. obviously, they have that russian background. it was a big reason why we went to them 7-8 years ago. russia was dominating the sport in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. we wanted to take that leadership from marina and igor and benefit from it. the sport has changed a little bit since then. it's more so the vision now at this point in our careers. we do have to go back to the technical side of things, mostly in may, june and july. we go back there once in a while. it's more about vision and we're excited about the vision marina and igor have for us and we're lucky to have them."

scott answering a question at the 2012 worlds press conference. a journalist had asked all the medalists to explain how having russian coaches helped.

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Angele said...

Hi! When I was in Nice last week i did a vid of tessa and scott's gala practice and I thought you may like it! :D http://thewrongedgefigureskatingblog.blogspot.it/2012/04/tessa-virtue-scott-moir-gala-practice.html