short dance music selection

featured: that man. caro emerald
"of course, they'd have to block out the chimp sounds in the background"


martyross - the irish washerwoman, an irish jig
julianna0263 - "an irish party in third class" from the titanic soundtrack

polka music / rhythm

johann strauss II - spleen-polka op. 197
li'l wally - chicago is a polka town
doris day - till we meet again
sound of music soundtrack - the lonely goatherd
the artist soundtrack - jubilee stomp
caro emerald - that man (without chimps)


- the short dance next year will be the polka.
- thanks to pani for finding so many of these videos.
- the montages made with tessa and scott's 2007-2008 yankee polka compulsory dance

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