2012 grand prix assignments

today, the isu announced that tessa and scott are assigned to skate canada and rostelecom cup (aka cup of russia) for the 2012 grand prix series.

fan reaction is a funny because we take into consideration so many unique things like... anticipating amazing photographs from the russian photographers and missing the enormous amounts of hq videos the japanese fans would have given us. fans are also noting how much time they'll have between competitions because tessa and scott need time to rework their programs if they need to.

tessa and scott being given skate canada was pretty much a given since they are the national champions of canada, but since tessa and scott couldn't do trophée eric bompard (aka teb) this year because nathalie pechalat and fabian bourzat chose it and tessa and scott can't meet natalie and fabian before the grand prix finals, we were all wondering what would be their second grand prix. russia is a good choice. since the 2014 olympics are in russia, the 2012 cup of russia will allow tessa and scott to make a statement for the russian audience months in advance. still, this marks the first time tessa and scott will be doing rostelecom cup. they'd done teb four times since france is a sentimental favourite for tessa. the one time they didn't do cup of france, they went for nhk (japan). new experiences, right? 

the grand prix series is important, especially for ice dance. for the past few years, every world champion has skated the grand prix and done so well. the most important competition will be the 2013 worlds in london, ontario, but skating the grand prix series will allow tessa and scott to learn from the judges what they need to change in their program in order to win. these fall championships are where they get the mileage, the feedback and, perhaps, the momentum. if they have a bad program, a bad section, a bad lift, etc., they want to find out here because then there will be enough time to fix the program for worlds. (although, the isu wants to make the grand prix series prestigious enough by itself.)

though the top ranked skaters will not meet each other on the grand prix series before the finals, the scores will still be compared. but some panels will be more strict than others. others will be more lenient. the first time all the best ice dancers will skate before the same panel, and therefore the first time we get a true comparison, will come in sochi at the grand prix final.

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Anonymous said...

I was so excited that they decided to go to Russia this year. TBH I was tired of them choosing TEB all the time, let others fans see you!! Lol anyways they have so many Russian fans, the reception will be great for them. I can't wait for next season to start, hoping they have kickass programs next year!

iggie said...

tessa and scott's schedule next season is wonderful. it's either in russia, setting them up for the olympics, or it's basically in and around their hometowns.