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jpenelopest, montage creator --

how long do the montages take to create? 
Well, it depends of a lot of things like how long the video will be, the complexity of the video, the program that will be used, etc. For example, simple montages like "Who Says" take me a few hours to make because I basically just used fades and shortcuts.

who says

However, longer videos with more effects, colorings and transitions, like "When you find me," take me several days to make. So that varies widely.

when you find me

How do you choose your songs?
I don't know. There's no secret. I always try to find a song that matches the video, but I never know for sure.

What is your favorite montage?
Hmm, that's a hard question. I can't choose only one, but I really like Kiss the Rain by cupcakes153.

kiss the rain

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