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i didn't feel like my seat was particularly high (row 17). but i couldn't see the skaters' faces until they were literally at the edge of the rink. this meant that for most group numbers, i couldn't really tell who tessa and scott were. tessa was a little easier because there were only two brunettes, but scott was so hard to pick out. in fact, i'm surprized to read that scott was in the motown vignettes.

one thing i noticed was tessa and scott's connection. we had been talking about it on fsu a few days before. i knew they had it, but i really understood it well here. in meryl and charlie's split lift, notice that meryl is up in the air, rapturous and charlie is pushing on. kaitlyn and andrew similarly have lifts where kaitlyn is up in the air, pumping her fists, or she's being rotated. andrew is down below, doing his own thing. all these lifts lift the girl, enhance the music and are beautiful to watch... but tessa and scott's lifts are different.

for tessa and scott, their lifts form of an embrace. even the umbrellas of cherbourg straight line lift, which has her facing away from him, became a hug. or their lifts allowed them to stare deeply at each other, like the pink floyd lift. basically, their lifts were a way to bring themselves closer to each other. a way to show their unity and their need to wrap themselves around each other, grasp each other, hold each other, look at each other... rest on each other. even in the moments tessa and scott didn't have to look at each other, they were. when they could have skated separately, their hands were on each other. when they could have done their own thing, they were in sync. i couldn't see their faces but i could see their connection well. it felt intuitive, like how could they ever skate without skating for each other? in a stadium of thousands, in the spotlights and on the ice, it was just the two of them.

"we think about bringing people in. we're inviting people into this little world in this moment, and we want people to share it with us, instead of reaching out to them."

one thing that worked live but loses its impact in photos or videos is the disco dress! it was a disco ball. it could have lit up a small village. when the lights came on (all skaters took to centre ice in the dark), the people around me gasped and said outloud, "the DRESS!" i seriously stared at the dress for the first 20 seconds and missed the program because it was amazing. the hallelujah dress was more beautiful live too, with subtle crystals in the top and a skirt that looked like butterfly wings.

some other tessa and scott notes: 

- hallelujah was skated first
- the disco program was skated last, the last program before the finale. this meant that tessa and scott literally had only two minutes to leave and go change in order to join the finale.
- they were the only dancers to not show their free dance
- they skated a lot in this show. it seems that they were in all of the group numbers, their individual numbers and their intermission talk. tessa mentioned in a canada am interview that they're on the ice 7 times.
- when it came to the lindt talk, scott is a natural at the mike. tessa wasn't but i remembered what she said more: when she has a good day at the rink, she has chocolate. when she has a bad day at the rink, she has chocolate. (and chocolate has long been listed as her favourite snack). before the free dance at vancouver, she had a lindt chocolate truffle.
- they presented a fan with a chocolate gift basket and brian orser was there! to present the basket, the skated over to brian since he was very close to the winner. scott quipped, "we can't give this to you. you're brian orser." brian took photos with fans in the intermission, if you had on ice seats in his area.
- waiting in line for the bathroom, the family behind me started talking about tessa and scott: "so beautiful!" "i could watch them skate all the time!" "they should get married and have kids" "aw!" 
- tessa and scott always received massive applause when they appeared to do their routines. people even applauded them when they skated to centre ice, before they started skating.


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