New Westminster meet and greet: jl22aries

 Tessa and Scott reading the card we made

jl22aries attended the New Westminster, British Columbia, meet and greet on May 17, 2012, hosted by Lindt, Tessa and Scott's new sponsors. Before she went, she offered fans over at fsu the chance to sign a card for Tessa and Scott, saying that it would be nice for them to get a small glimpse of what a special impact they have on us. Over the next few days, many of us sent her messages. The card came together beautifully and she presented it to Tessa and Scott.

jl22aries' account --

It was AMAZING!!!!!!!



I MUST write while it is fresh, and share with you. Oh god, I'm still buzzing on some miraculous contact high. It's like they exude this something and I got a quick hit of it and can I just say the drive home was ... hazy.

I got there 15 minutes early and there was a great little crowd, sizable enough to feel jolly but not so unmanageably large. They really took their time with every one and so about an hour in we made it to the front of the line and there's Kurt! Incredibly personable, shaking hands with every one. He asked me if we had met before. To which I answered yes, once, when I was a precocious tweener. And then there were the two. Glowing. Gorgeous. I mean, it's all just impressions now, their faces, what they were wearing, their expressions, what was said. I do know that I had this strong urge to touch Scott's face. His skin is really beautiful. Funny ... that's what I'm remembering.

So I didn't preamble. I told them it was such a pleasure meeting them both. We may have shaken hands? And then I took out the card and said it was this collection of messages, quotes and well wishes from some of their fans through the web, that it was this gesture that couldn't even begin to represent the love and support and appreciation there is for them. And both of them were genuinely, spontaneously moved. Tessa took the card and started looking through it, and the more she did, the more excited she seemed. Both of them didn't seem to be able to believe that we did this for them. And she kept repeating how she couldn't wait to read it all.

 the card

I have to say thank you all of you for contributing. The card had ... lots of messages. And I handwrote them all out with different colours. Tessa asked me if I had scribed it all myself, to which I admitted to being technologically daft so it was old school all the way, to which they both seemed to approve and prefer ... that it was somehow more personal. Both were just so truly appreciative that I felt ... really really good. Tessa became a little emotional. Slightly teary. I went to take a picture with them around the table and she said to wait a moment because she wanted to hug me. And then Scott said "me too!!!!" And I said, "I just died a little bit inside ... just a little bit ...."

They then helped put both their Olympic medals on me. And we took a picture.

Tessa and Scott had already signed the postcards I had brought for them to sign, but as I was turning to go, Tessa said to wait because she wanted to sign an official photo of the two of them (they had a pile on the table for everyone to take) and she wrote the sweetest message on it saying how appreciative she was for the heartfelt support and how extremely grateful they both were.

the official photo

AHHHH. So happy.

source: fsu and jl22aries's personal pictures


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy this happened and I got to send a message to them through Jess! Thanks Jess for doing this and the card looks great. And thanks Misha for posting this!

iggie said...

yes, definitely, thank you jess for sharing the photos and your story!