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alice1in1wonderland, montage creator --

How did you get started creating montages?
I started creating montages after seeing some magnificent videos dedicated to one of my favourite figure skaters here on Youtube. I began reading about some of the video making programs and then I started learning how to use them. I started with the simplest: Windows Movie Maker and then I learned about the others, step by step. Now, my challenge is Sony Vegas Pro, but unfortunately I haven't got any free time.

Can you explain how you plan a montage? or do you not plan and just start creating?   
Sometimes I have a plan for my montages; sometimes I don't. It depends from the current state that I'm in. There are times when I hear a song and in my mind there is a video. It's very spontaneous. There are also some videos which have been planned for very long time. First, there is the music. Then, there are the scenes that suit the music. But the most important thing is to be patient and to choose the best scenes for your montage. Every video has its message and shows the beauty of figure skating or the beauty of love, if it's made for a movie or TV series.

Can you explain "Dance with me"?
"Dance with me" was a spontaneous video. One evening I was listening to music and this song started. I imagined Tessa and Scott dancing to "Dance with me". So when the idea came up, I started searching videos from their performances over the years -- the videos had to be passionate and at the same time, they had to show the way Tessa and Scott connect. So that's the way I chose the clips for my montage. I made this montage for approximately four days. It's different with every video -- some of the videos take more time.

dance with me  

What makes a montage successful for you?
A montage is successful when the viewers are enjoying it and when the video maker likes what he sees. Of course the music has to suit the montage.

Over the years, how have you grown as a montage maker?
I have to learn so many things about video making. I have grown over the years, but it's not enough. Maybe now I'm more patient than before, but I want to be better with every video I make.

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