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katsummerkiss, montage creator --

What's your philosophy in creating montages?
Well, for me the most important thing is variety. One of the reasons why Tessa and Scott inspire me so much is that they are always different. Yes, their romantic performances are amazingly beautiful and sweet, but they can also be very fierce and sexy or adorable and funny, so I try to express it in my montages. For example, 'Attractive Tango'. Everything in this video -- the music, the coloring, the transitions -- shows the different, passionate side of Tessa and Scott.

attractive tango

How do you chose your music?
Usually it's the lyrics that make me choose one song or another, but sometimes it can be the beat. I think that depends on what kind of montage I want to make. For my first montage 'Gravity' I chose Sara Barreilles' song because the lyrics had seemed to me the perfect reflection of Tessa's feelings.


What is your goal with the special effects? 
I can't say I use a lot of them, but if I do, it's usually to add a special atmosphere to the video. Just like in 'Cosmic Love' I used a star field overlay and slow motion effect to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

cosmic love

What makes a montage successful for you?
I believe it's a combination of quality, the right choice of music and, you know, the feelings it arouses. If a montage makes me want to dance or if it affects me so much that I have tears in my eyes or if I can't stop smiling while watching it, than yes, I can call it successful.

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