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victoriabonillaf, montage creator --

How did you get started creating montages?
I started making montages after I saw a lot of good ones on Youtube. There were so many montages that were so perfect and I just really wanted to capture so many feelings in a video just by selecting the right music and effects. I didn't actually learn how to make a montage. I just started trying out on my computer and gradually I learned loads and made my own techniques.

Can you explain how you plan a montage? or do you not plan and just start creating? 
I don't plan my montages, but sometimes I'm in the mood or I hear a song that really inspires me to make one. Sometimes I just take loads of videos, choose my favourite parts from them, put them together and add music and effects.

Can you explain "Moves like jagger" and "All she want to do is dance"?  
'"Moves like jagger" was my first montage of Tessa and Scott and I made it when I started making montages. "Moves like jagger" was one of my favourite songs at that time so I took all my favourite videos of Tessa and Scott and just had fun. The only thing I can remember trying to achieve was to mix videos of them as children and adults and to learn how make a montage. I really don't put in much time in the montages. I just sit down and use 2-5 hours. But on this montage I think I used about four hours.

moves like jagger

"All she want to do is dance" was my second iMovie montage. I loved all the new effects and played around a lot before I put it on Youtube. But the whole idea behind it was that I wanted to make something kind of ... sexy? I was just so in love with Tessa and Scott's free dance and the new style they had used. I made a video based on clips from there and added music and effects. I think I used about 2-3 hours and actually I didn't try to achieve anything -- I just had fun.

all she want to do is dance

What makes a montage successful for you?
What makes a montage successful for me is when the quality of the video is good and the clips fit in to the music. I also really like when you get the feeling that you can't stop watching! That's something you don't get when the montage is long, so short montages are often successful in my eyes. I also like when they bring out emotions. I have found myself crying because of a montage once or twice...

You do a lot of other montages, so why do you do montages about Tessa and Scott?
I make montages of Tessa and Scott because I'm in love with their relationship. They seem so perfect for each other and when they bring that chemistry to a program, it just makes it perfect. I love how they have tried so many different styles and made it perfect every time. They are my all-time favourite ice dancer and I just love everything about their skating.

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