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Yana8792, montage creator --

How did you get started creating montages? and how have you improved over the years?
I was just watching some beautiful montages and then I decided that I should try to make something by myself. I thought it would be interesting to start doing some new thing so that's how I created my first montage (it's called 'Breakaway'). Of course the first one wasn't my best one and I felt that I could do better so I think I improved my skills in making montages with my second and third videos ('Can I have this dance' and 'Small story'). I haven't made montages in last couple of years because I'm pretty busy with my studying but I think I definitely will get back to making videos because it's such a wonderful experience.


Can you explain how you plan a montage? or do you not plan and just start creating?
I don't think I plan a montage. It's all about music -- I hear some song I like and suppose that it would do for a montage and for Tessa and Scott particularly. Then I start imagining some moments but the final variant comes only when I'm in process of creating.

Can you pick two of your Tessa and Scott montages and explain them?
I'd like to pick 'Can I have this dance.'

can i have this dance

My music choice is simple to explain. I just watched High School Musical where I heard this song and I thought that it was incredibly suitable for Tessa and Scott. I mean everything was perfect -- the music, the lyrics, the emotion -- everything! All I had to do was just to add some beautiful clips with Tessa and Scott. In this video almost every line of the song is supported by some Tessa and Scott moment so I think it's pretty clear how I chose them: I just followed the lyrics and tried to find the perfect clips. My montages don't take long to create; it depends on how busy I am. Usually it's from a couple of days to a week.

I try not to use too many effects in my montages. Usually it's something to make the colors look better. For example, in 'Can I have this dance' I used only one effect, crossprocess, which is a standard Youtube effect. I like when the clips and the music themselves impress people, make some effect. And, oh gosh, Tessa and Scott have such gorgeous and emotional faces that you don't need to do anything with them -- they make the whole video amazing!

My second video is 'Small story.'

small story

The choice of music is quite obvious because each song suits each emotion I wanted to demonstrate: technique, passion, merriment and romance. I really wanted to show how different Tessa and Scott can be so that's why you can hear such different songs here. This montage took me about a month to create because I needed to edit not only the clips but the music as well. I tried so many variants to make the songs sound perfect and I think that was the hardest part. When the music was ready, I just followed it and picked some effects where it was necessary -- brightness in the "passion" part, slow motion in the "romance" part and so on.

What makes a montage successful for you?
I think a successful montage contains everything: the right music, beautiful clips and some atmosphere and emotion. When I watch montages, I can feel if the maker wanted to tell us something really important or show us something quite interesting and funny. And I think that's what makes the video great and successful.

What is your favourite montage and why?
Oh, there are so many of beautiful montages. It's really hard to pick one. Well, I think my favourite would be the first montage of Tessa and Scott I watched, 'Soulmate' by eliiiiiiiiii. The song is so beautiful and the whole video is so touching and wonderful. When I watch it, I always have tears in my eyes.


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Anonymous said...

Oh she made soulmate?! That's one of my favorites ever! Great job to all the montages makers, IMO it is a talent. And thanks Misha for doing these interviews!

iggie said...

no, that montage is yana's favourite. glad you enjoyed it.