stars on ice reviews

"I was kind of freaking out by the end of Joannie's number because I knew what was next. Tessa and Scott and Hallelujah. Seeing that gorgeously intimate opening live was just breathtaking. They floated over the ice, all the lifts were seamless and just the way he would touch her and hold her. The audience was almost dead silent. Even after a lift, there was just a smattering of applause. No one wanted to break the spell. They are so perfect. This is what they excel at and they've said it - what works for them is to draw the audience in."

kate anderson at soi victoria


jellybeans - soi hamilton 

blogs / websites - soi london
the kurt files - soi toronto and hamilton 
the kurt files - soi vancouver
compulsory dances - soi toronto


puglover - soi calgary
bournekraatzfan - soi toronto 
scrufflet - soi toronto
emdee - soi toronto
flowerpower - soi toronto
rafter - soi toronto
nlyoung - soi toronto 
heatherc - soi hamilton
spiral - soi hamilton
luckiest - soi london
erin - soi regina
puglover - soi calgary
tapper - soi vancouver
jl22aries - soi vancouver
kwanfan - soi vancouver


dll - soi winnipeg
miss fate - soi winnipeg
meyers - soi london
inspire - soi calgary 


kateanderson - soi victoria

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