New Westminster meet and greet: tapper88

tapper88 meeting Tessa and Scott (and the Olympic gold medal)
at the Lindt meet and greet in New Westminster on Thursday, May 17, 2012 

 tapper88's account --

Wow, you guys!! I just got back from my Meet and Greet. It was unbelievable!!! After getting there ridiculously early, my friend and I just ended up chatting. Finally we got to meet them. Kurt was a surprise guest (yay!). They are so wonderful and really easy to talk to! I kept hearing Tessa is really quiet, but she wasn't with me. My friend and I gave her a birthday card, which she seemed to really enjoy

We talked about Hallelujah and if they're going to keep it next year. Tessa said they might use it for the Grand Prix next year (I guess their exhibition). I said I love watching it and she said they love skating it.

I also told them, as a dancer, they're so inspirational. Tessa looked interested and she asked me what kind, so I said tap and lyrical. She said she finds us inspirational, and they take a lot of what they do from dance.

I got them to sign the hand-holding picture (which apparently is Kate Virtue's favourite), and the Jack and Diane one at the end of the book. Tessa said, "Oh I love this picture!" I told them we were going to Stars on Ice and they said to have a really good time.

hand-holding photo

Anyways, I had to go back in line to wait for another friend, who couldn't get there early (her name is Tessa too!). Tessa V was like "Hello again!" very cheerily. I thought they'd forget me, lol, but they didn't. She loved the fact she was meeting another Tessa, and they compared earrings. We just ended up chatting to them another time (she remembered the scrapbook we made for her, with the CDs. She said they loved it!). I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but they were just so warm and friendly.

Oh, and I got to take a picture with them holding their medal! It was so amazing. Apparently they can tell theirs apart because Scott dropped his

Ahh, best day of my life and I'm soooo happy I finally got to meet them. And I wasn't even shy at all!

source: fsu and tapper88's personal pictures


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for everybody that got to have this experience. Thank you all for sharing your experiences!

iggie said...

and thank you shay for your comments.