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How did you get started making montages? and how do you improve?
I got started through Youtube itself actually. I saw a couple of montages and thought that it was a really neat idea. It was actually IceMakeUp24's montages from her old channel that gave me the original idea. I tried it out and it turned out to be a really enjoyable thing to do. I improve with every montage -- basically, practice makes perfect. Getting to know the program is key because then you're able to really glean off its benefits.

What is your philosophy for creating montages?
I think a montage needs to really match the music, not just flow with it. The montage needs to look like a whole new program. I think that a montage really also has to have a meaning and theme. Whether it's comical, romantic or frightening is irrelevant as long as the creator is satisfied with what they have made. The most important thing when making a montage, however, are the tiny bits and pieces that make the watcher really feel the montage and what it's about.

Can you explain the story behind two of your favourite montages about Tessa and Scott?
My most favorite montage would probably be "Disturbia."

virtue & moir - disturbia.

I got the idea after going back and watching Virtue and Moir's FD in the 2009 worlds. I connected the costumes and program with the song somehow while watching it and decided to make the montage. It was extremely enjoyable to make since I could match most of their programs with the song well.

My second favorite montage is "Starstruck."

virtue & moir - starstruck (sterling version).

I wanted to make a fun and comical montage instead of a serious one like "Disturbia". I used the Disney version instead because I thought that it had more tang to it, and it ended up looking really cute with their OD from the 2009 worlds.

What makes a montage successful for you?
A successful montage is one that can make me really feel whats going on. Like professional choreography, when you look at those dancers, you see them moving and connecting with the music in unison. I think that uploading good quality videos is important too, because 250p can be really annoying when you're try to watch a video. Lastly, I think that creativity is key. For instance, "Davis & White/Virtue & Moir/Shibutanis 2011 Worlds Montage" was a montage that featured three teams instead my usual spotlight on one.

davis & white / virtue & moir / shibutanis 2011 worlds montage. 

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