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Ksenya08, montage creator --

How do you get started creating montages?
Oh, I have two ways. I can listen to a great song and I think, "Oh, it's music for Tessa and Scott!" For example, Christina's part in "Moves like Jagger." The second way: I can download new fluff and think that I must use this in a fluff-centric montage. You know, some Tessa and Scott fluffs are absolutely amazing! Take for example the fluff where they dance the tango on the parquet floor. When I watched it, I thought: "You must use it in a montage!" and now everybody can see it in "Quando-quando."



Can you explain how you plan a montage? or do you not plan and just start creating?
There are two ways again. I can just create, feel the music, feel the videos and connect. Or I can take a sheet of paper, write lines from a song along with the titles of Tessa and Scott videos. I also write the seconds where the relevant parts start and end in these videos. Recently I've begun to rely on the song's lyrics.

Can you pick two of your montages about Tessa and Scott and explain them?

Let's see my earliest and most recent montages with Tessa and Scott. Here is my first montage about the two:

first montage (translated lyrics in the comment section)

I made it almost a year before the Olympics. I used the song of Russian group "Children of children." This is the type montage where I relied on lyrics. For example, when the singer sings about expectation and fear, I used moments from the kiss and cry after Tessa and Scott's first original dance at Trophee Eric Bompard and after the free dance at the 2009 World Championships. I don't remember how long I took to make this montage. 7-10 days, I think.

"Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir || my love is your love, your love is my love." is my latest montage with Tessa and Scott. 

tessa virtue & scott moir || my love is your love, your love is my love.

Before the 2012 World Championships, I downloaded some new videos, and in one of them I listened to Tessa's quote about Rihanna. That's why I choose her song, "You Da One." You know, the song was everywhere in Russia. You could listen to it on TV, on the radio, and in shopping centres. Eventually you'd know it by heart, whether you wanted to or not. I used it in my new video. I wanted a happy, dynamic montage and I hoped that I could make it. I made this montage in an hour or two.

What makes a montage successful for you? 
If it's my montage, I must feel completeness when I watch it first time. I can't explain this feeling ... I just understand: it's a great job or not. If the montage was made by somebody else, I like it if I can see great visual effects, great connection between the music and the video, and many close-ups. Plus, I like montages with off-ice videos. My philosophy of montage-making is this: everybody sees what happens on ice, but not everybody see what happens off ice. So use off-ice videos! 

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