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meva1919, montage creator -- 

How did you get started creating montages?
I think the answer to this question will be very prosaic. I was watching videos dedicated to Tessa and Scott and I thought, "Hmm, I would like to try that too. Let's see what will happen..."

Can you explain how you plan a montage? or do you not plan and just start creating?
Mostly I do not plan anything. I do not imagine each scene. I just start to create, spontaneously -- but being in a right mood helps a lot.... a bit romantic, a little melancholy.

Can you pick two of your montages about Tessa and Scott and explain them?
I pick "Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - Oh Boy."

tessa virtue & scott moir - oh boy

It was the first one that received real feedback, garnering many comments and ratings. It found its way into the hearts of viewers, I think, and I'm happy about that. When it comes to music, I choose music that I personally like, but isn't very well known. The music must have melody and words that suit Tessa and Scott, their situations and emotions. Choosing clips for the montage is similar. It depends on the mood of the montage. If there is a romantic mood, then I choose clips showing emotions, gestures, tenderness. If it is strictly dance montage, then I choose to show moves, steps, energy, and skills. Here, the example is "Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir - Do The Cha Cha Cha".

tessa virtue & scott moir - do the cha cha cha

Creating a montage takes me a few hours, but never longer than a half of a day. I don't really use special or visual effects because I do not have a suitable program for doing that, but many of my montages are in black and white. I like it that way. I love something like an old movie effect.

What makes a montage successful for you?
That is a simple question for me. If only one person took the time to watch my montage and if it managed to bring a smile or some nice emotions to that person... maybe even a desire to dance, then the montage is successful for me.

Over the years, how have you grown as a montage maker?
Oh, this question is more difficult for me because, to be honest, I don't think I have grown as a montage maker. I'm not very productive, but we'll see. 

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seyi1205 said...

I think my favorite out of her videos is cheeky mambo. I don't know why I like that one so much specifically, but I always watch it.

iggie said...

i'm loving "oh boy"