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What is your philosophy with creating montages?
My philosophy is that a montage must sum up the relationship of the couple, whether that relationship is friendship, love/hate, romantic, or anything in between. When I create a montage, I try to match the lyrics of the song to its corresponding moment between the couple so the audience can see how much this song fits them and vice versa. I also try to infuse my montages with a sense of musicality (a wink of the eye timed to the strike of a piano key, for instance). For this reason, Tessa/Scott videos, especially "Still the One," are by far the most difficult and the most time-consuming because I had to connect each beat of the chosen song to a string of already established choreography and movements.

still the one

How do you decide when to use music and voice-overs?
The use of voice-overs depends mostly on the music. "Still the One" was too fast a song to try to insert voice-overs in between verses, so instead, I focused on pairing the music with the moments. I only used Scott's interview clip as a way to introduce the montage. "The Blower's Daughter," on the other hand, is a much slower song with these long lulls between lyrics. To fill in those silences, I used the interludes to insert voice-overs that would echo the last lyric sung and make the montage resonate that way.

the blower's daughter

What is the best part of montage making?
When I'm finished!! Making montages is such a lengthy, laborious process that you often lose yourself in the technical aspects (ex: Do these beats match the choreography? Does this transition work here?) and you forget that it's supposed to be a fun pastime and an artistic creation. But once it's completed and you watch the entire thing from beginning to end, this feeling of relief washes over you and you're proud of what you've created.

How do you pick your music?
I don't pick my music, my music picks me! I would hear a song on the radio and, all of a sudden, moments between my favorite couple would pop into my head, playing out vividly before me like a home video. When the song ends, I'm immediately hit with a compulsion to create that montage, and that nagging sensation won't let go until I've completed it and shared it with others.

What is a successful montage for you?
A successful montage is one that not only matches the lyrics to the moments between the couples, but uses a song that sums up their relationship in a nutshell. For example, I wasn't a fan of Taylor Swift, but watching HelTra91's "Jump Then Fall" and rochi0823's montage set to "Mary's Song" made me amazed at how much the songs fits them so eerily well. A great example of musicality in a montage is rochi0823's "Sway".

jump then fall

mary's song 


You do a lot of other montages. Why do you do montages about Tessa and Scott? 
Besides love/hate relationships, I adore deep friendships (with a tease of something more) between two people, and Scott and Tessa have this in SPADES. I became obsessed after witnessing their victory at the Olympics. Everything about them is classy and gorgeous, and I so admired their profound bond that I wanted to showcase and pay tribute to their decade of friendship. I think they're a testament that one soul can inhabit two bodies -- what's not to love about that?

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