off-season lounge: ilderton skating club

ilderton skating club, tessa and scott's home club  --

What is the importance of having a home club? The background is that I have readers, myself included, who just love following figure skating, but we've never done it ourselves. We hear about clubs, but what do they do? How do they help? How do they support? We don't really know. I think we'd be happy to hear your perspective.

In Canada all amateur skaters must register with Skate Canada through a club. This amateur membership allows them to take tests and compete in Skate Canada sanctioned events. Competitive skaters need to pass Skate Canada tests in order to qualify to compete at each level. This membership fee also includes an insurance aspect.

In Tessa and Scott's case, they started their skating with us in our CanSkate program (Skate Canada's learn-to-skate) and continue to move up in the programs until it was necessary to train at an elite level. They have maintained the Ilderton Skating Club their home over the years and continue to come back and help out whenever possible. Our club is proud to call Tessa and Scott as one of their own!

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