off-season lounge: sari niskanen

Sari Niskanen, photographer --
How did you get to go the Finlandia press conference? What was that like?
I was there as a photographer for the Finnish Figure Skating Magazine and I also took photos for my own web page. As a whole the competition and the press conference were to the point and pleasant events.  

How did you get Tessa and Scott to pose for the photos beside the ice? What was that like?
Tessa and Scott were very kind and natural, and were happy to pose for me. In the session, there was a fun spirit.  

What is a successful photo shoot for you?
A successful photo shoot for me is when I succeed at being patient enough to arrange the object of the photo so the result is good.

How do you know when take a photo and when to enjoy the moment?
I enjoy the event through the camera lens.  

What is your favourite photo of Tessa and Scott that you took and why?
The situation was so spontaneous and easy going so that gave me good memories of the photo shoot. That’s why the photo was the best, even if technically it is not.

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Anything else you'd like to add?
This year the Finlandia Trophy is at a fine arena in Espoo. Hopefully a lot of the top skaters will participate.

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