here's to front row seats

when i first heard that tessa and scott would skate at the canadian national exhibition in august, my first reaction was... why? why the cne? it's not the greatest thing that toronto has going on in the late summer and shouldn't they be training? two full weeks is a long time to be away from canton.

but i decided that i would go, eventually.

at first, i wanted to go to see what they skated. but youtube filled my screen with clips of the performances. then i wanted to go because i wanted to see how the whole show fit together. but the day before i left, a youtuber uploaded the full show.

in the end, the only thing that drew me out to the 63 ossington bus, watching the changing scenery of toronto's downtown core before arriving at the cne grounds, was that this will be a rare chance to see them live. and perhaps i could get front row seats while i was at it. tessa and scott once recalled in their book what it felt like to sit in the front row while the senior dancers moved past them: they could feel the wind blow against their faces, wind caused by blazing speed. well, as i sat in the front row, i felt that wind. the coolness of the ice and gust was so welcomed after the trek in the hot summer's heat to find the ricoh coliseum.

when tessa and scott came out the first time, i just just had to smile. grin. beam. it was so much fun to be this close to them. i could see how relaxed tessa was. her arms hitting every beat of the music with ease. later, scott's face was backlit by a spotlight as he stared intensely at tessa, whose face wore an ethereal smile.

i was so pleased that i stayed around for a few more hours to see the second show. i put in a quest to find a beavertail in order to pass the time. (i found the flaky, sugar-coated pastry in the food building.) the cne is a study in overstimulation though. as i walked the streets, i could hardly keep track of the flashing lights, bright colours, tight crowds and miked game masters inviting you to step right up and spend your money on their games.

like the first show, the gates opened one hour prior to the show and the arena was pretty much filled by showtime. the second crowd found ways to entertain ourselves before the lights went down. we did the wave across the entire arena three times before the spotlights were darkened and the raised hands started to applaud.

i chose to sit in a different area for another angle and had just as much fun. the show had no coherence, but the music was quite fun. everybody seemed to have a good time and while i still have the same questions, i feel like tessa and scott always managed to smile brightly, skate relaxed and delight the crowd. 


- videos of the cne show found here in the month of august
- i went to the shows on august 25 (2 pm and 5 pm)


Anonymous said...

later, scott's face was backlit by a spotlight as he stared intensely at tessa, whose face wore an ethereal smile.

What a lovely line that so nicely sums them up. Glad that you had the chance to go!

iggie said...

thanks! that was one moment that i wanted to capture for the fans who weren't there.

Anonymous said...

Mischa I'm so glad you had a great time! And thanks for writing a great review too!

If you don't mind me asking, what questions do you still have in regards to T/S?

iggie said...

shay, the questions are in the first paragraph: why the cne? and why aren't they training so close to the start of the season?

sahararainfall said...

Thanks for the review iggie!

Anonymous said...

Ah I see. I actually thought the same things, but apparently they've been training at a rink near Toronto. I'm just so anxious to hear some music news, why are they torturing us? lol

iggie said...

thanks sahararainfall

iggie said...

i want to know too

Anonymous said...

did they kick everybody out of the arena between shows? i was hoping to get good seats, hang around and wait between them.

iggie said...

they do. just get there more than an hour early. be first person in line and you get your pick of seats.

emdee said...

Great report Iggie!
Sorry we didnt get to meet at the show. Next time.
A great deal to see them live and relaxed.

I think also they reach a large audience of fans and nonfans and that has to be good for them.

At the end of the first show Tessa came and shook hands with people who sat in the VIP seats.

iggie said...

yes, next time

sahararainfall said...

"I think also they reach a large audience of fans and nonfans and that has to be good for them."

Yea. Considering the applause they still get from doing the goose, I guess the casual sports fans or the general Canadian public who has seen them win in Vancouver are very different from some of us more "alert" fans who probably have seen at least 90% of the VM-related vids in YT. :)