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Why do you make montages? and why do you make montages about Tessa and Scott?
I can't pinpoint a specific reason I make montages. I get inspired and it's a way for me to express myself and hopefully show why my "muses" have inspired me. It happens when I hear a song that I think fits well with my subjects. I will listen to the song repeatedly and visualize possible clips to play with the music. When I was first awestruck with Tessa and Scott following the 2010 Olympics, I really had the urge to make a montage, but couldn't do it on the computer I had. A few months later I bought a MacBook Pro, and making the montage had the added benefit of forcing me to get used to all aspects of the computer, as it was my first Apple product and quite a bit different from the Microsoft software I was used to.

How important is it to show a range... so clips of them as juniors, seniors, competing, fluff, etc. and sound bites?
I don't think there's a specific formula for making a successful video. The clips I use are either a reflection of that specific part of the music or belong there as part of the story I'm trying to tell. The fact that Tessa and Scott have been skating together since they were so little is a big part of their story, so I do frequently use clips from way back when. I love using sound bites of Tessa and Scott talking, or commentators; however, I have run into some frustrating problems with the program I use which has limited my ability to use sound bites as much as I'd like. When I go back and watch my old videos, I always see things I want to change but it's too late.

How do you keep track of every move or word in these clips so that you know which clip to turn to and where in the clips you need to use?
I keep track of everything in the program I use, iMovie. I organize video clips for Tessa and Scott by season, then cut the clips I want to use out of the longer video and drag them to my project board. The clips show up like a timeline. I can also highlight parts of clips as a "favorite," so I can find these clips easily. I still have to go back and watch a lot, which is time consuming, but it's not too bad re-watching Tessa and Scott over and over again. Sometimes I'll see/hear something in a clip that isn't what I'm looking for but I think I might be able to use in the future, so I'll "favorite" that.

Can you tell me about two of your montages?


I felt like this music was the perfect backdrop to tell Tessa and Scott's story. It comes from Remember the Titans and I find it inspiring. There are sweet parts, intense parts, ominous parts, and then it builds and builds to a fantastic climax.

One of my goals was to introduce Tessa and Scott to the world and show them growing up together, so the first sound clip is a commentator saying their names and ages and a clip of them at that age. It continues with different announcers saying their ages and a clip from that season up until 2010 (when I made that video). I also put in different announcers (of different nationalities) saying their names to show that they've been all over the world. At about 1:12 the music takes a "sweet" turn and I put in their Umbrellas program to just enjoy a bit of their skating. I tried to use sound bites with comments that explain why they are so captivating to me personally (and probably to most of their fans), and also to show how many people were talking about them and saying very similar things.

I didn't use any clips from the Olympics until well into the video around 3:14, which is supposed to seem kind of like a dream, reflecting on everything they had done to get to that point, and the clips following show them growing up. At the time, the Olympics was the last part of their journey and in some ways their destination. Around 4:40 the music starts to build and finally climaxes with the goose. You can hear the excitement of the commentators, then Scott and Ilderton's reactions to their scores. The Ilderton watch group really touched me -- the size of the group, their response, and seeing Scott's family is really special. The rest of the video is just showing their joy after winning the gold medal. I also tried to acknowledge their biggest supporters -- their coaches and family (albeit briefly).

road to gold


I was extremely surprised by the popularity of this video. This was one of those songs I'd heard before but didn't think about using it in a video until I heard Celine Dion singing it on Oprah, and it just struck me as perfect for Tessa and Scott. I really felt like this was on the sappy side when I made it, but I don't really care now because it seems to have touched a lot of people. I was able to pull clips that I felt fit the music really well. I also feel that Tessa and Scott are each who they are because of the other.

because you loved me

What makes a successful montage?
To me, it just has to be touching. A successful montage is one you want to watch again and again.

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Anonymous said...

The Road to Gold is probably my favorite montage! It's so emotional and just so well put together.

iggie said...

i know! i get emotional every single time i watch it.