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What inspires you to create montages?
A love of music + movement. I’d done some work with TV and movie montages previously, but skating is more fun from a pure motion perspective. Those other montages are about story as much, if not more than, rhythm and timing, but with a skating montage I can almost play choreographer while celebrating an awesome piece of music and/or presenting a mini-narrative. And Tessa and Scott provide some glorious clips.

How do you keep track of every move or word in these clips so that you know which clip to turn to and where in the clips you need to use?
My video editing software, Sony Vegas Movie Studio, is certainly helpful -- it's visual. It lays out the timeline and lets me save clips anywhere on it. Often I'll go between having specific motions in mind for a moment (stuff I'll envision even before starting the project -- in other words, the ideas that help give birth to the video in the first place), and having elements that I want to include but need to work to find the right place for. I can stick those first kinds of clips where I desire right off the bat, and stash the others for later use.

If there's a moment in the song itself that I know needs something punchy, but for which I haven't yet selected a clip, I'll either jot down the timespan or insert a placeholder clip. Sometimes the most perfect moments have come when I've simply dropped a random clip on the timeline. 0:54-0:58 in "Magic" was actually one example, and the timing of that ponytail swing is one of my favorite bits ever.

How important is it to have the right programs in order to create montages?
It's quite important, particularly if there's a really specific concept in mind. My first montage of Tessa and Scott, "Northern Sky," relied exclusively on exhibition clips to convey the "night" idea, and even then certain programs just didn't look quite right when sampled, whether due to choreography or costume. In another case, I actually scrapped the decision to use one song for a Tessa and Scott montage not for lyrical reasons, or because it wasn't a fantastic song for a skating montage in general -- but because too many of their programs simply didn't work with the piece rhythmically.

Can you tell me about two of your montages?
"There's Too Much Love" was my second Tessa and Scott montage. This was a case of knowing of too many great clips not to utilize them somehow, in some form. They would have made a lousy skating video, but this song provided a fantastic justification to string them all together. I think I actually started planning the entire piece on the basis of imagining the Charlie and Rick Mercer back-to-back sequence (1:08-1:15), but from day one I had a mental list of at least fifteen things that absolutely needed to make it in, and most of those things appear within the first minute-and-a-half.

there is too much love

The more recent "Magic" was a little triumph after a very long period of starting, getting frustrated with and giving up on montages after those first few. ["Magic"] was an idea that hit me when listening to a couple of lines -- "I see you under the midnight / Love darts in your eyes" -- and the thought that I'd really love the challenge of making a montage to a kind of music that's not used very frequently in skating montages. Because the first image that came to mind was the slow-mo clip which accompanies those aforementioned lyrics in my video, and because the song's tempo is itself a little off-kilter, I also set up the challenge of working almost entirely with slow-mo highlight clips. I did have to deviate from that a few times and stretch normal clips to slow-mo -- there's only so much to work with otherwise! -- but overall it still pretty much accomplished what I'd hoped it would.


What makes a montage successful?
For me as creator, a montage is successful if it actually ultimately feels good, rather than uncomfortable, to watch. If there's something satisfying and surprising even to me about seeing how a simple flick of the hand or a segment of footwork matches the music, it's a win. For viewers -- well, I'll base a montage's success on their enjoyment!

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