Zoueva, top teams continue on in Canton

igor had an icenetwork article explaining how he and team novi replaced marina. here is team canton's take on how they replaced igor. no music selections were revealed though.

from Icenetwork --

If you're looking for a little bit of Italy the next time you're in the Michigan area, try ducking into the ice arenas. 

Pasquale Camerlengo and Massimo Scali reign supreme at Detroit Skating Club, where Camerlengo's group -- also including his wife, Anjelika Krylova; Natalia Annenko-Deller; and Liz Punsalan -- train a stable of top ice dance teams. Drive about 30 miles to Novi, and you might catch Barbara Fusar-Poli helping Igor Shpilband's couples master their footwork. And at Canton's Arctic Edge, Fusar-Poli's former partner, Maurizio Margaglio, has been schooling Marina Zoueva's teams in the Yankee Polka, the required pattern in this season's short dance.

"The biggest challenge for the teams is the compulsories (pattern dances), and I called Maurizio because he has great knowledge of compulsories and has done a lot of ISU seminars," Zoueva said. "He can come only from time to time, because he also has a contract with the Finnish skating federation."

Margaglio, the 2001 world ice dance champion with Fusar-Poli, is director of the Finnish ice dance program and an ISU technical specialist. He came to Canton for several weeks in July, bringing two Finnish ice dance teams with him, and Zoueva said he will return soon.


In addition to Margaglio, Oleg Epstein, the Chicago-based choreographer and coach, is working on a near full-time basis in Canton, helping Zoueva plan programs and elements. While he will return to Chicago on occasion, some of his students, including U.S. junior champion Gracie Gold, will visit him in Canton.


Like their American training partners, the Canadians were surprised by Shpilband's departure.

"We were still on vacation when we heard of the split," Virtue said. "We were very sad; it was not an ideal situation for us. We had a great eight years with both of them. Our working relationship with them was fantastic.

"Marina has done a good thing bringing in other coaches. We've known Oleg for a while and we like working with him; he has great energy and a critical eye about what looks good. When Maurizio is here, we mainly work with him on the Polka. It's one of the toughest compulsory dances because it requires high speed, and the key features for the levels are very difficult to obtain."

Zoueva also refused to confirm Virtue and Moir's music choices, saying only, "This season, I want to show the dramatic qualities of Tessa and Scott more." 



Article pulled from the Icenetwork news line up as of August 11, though the link still works. If you didn't have the link, you couldn't find it. Back up August 14. It's a bit different.... it took out the section where Davis and White complained about the original Igor-being fired article, among other things.

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