carmen, the story

The story of Carmen, the opera written by George Bizet, was released in 1875 and is based on the novella of Prosper Mérimée, Carmen. This music will be Tessa and Scott’s free dance for the upcoming season.

The opera takes place in Seville, Spain, and tells the story of Carmen, a beautiful Spanish gypsy woman who makes cigarettes in a factory, and Don José, a petty officer. Carmen wakes the attraction of many men around her because of her beauty. She knows that and plays with it. In the opera, her conception of love is pessimistic, but also lethal. In the first act, she sings: “If you don’t love me, I love you / If I love you, be careful!”

Those two lines help us to understand what we are going to see―a story of passion, possession and jealousy.

Continuing with the plot, Don Jose already has a girlfriend, but the encounter with Carmen will change that. Their relationship will be the beginning of his demise: Don José will fall madly in love with Carmen, losing any other goals in his live and his own integrity.

Though already lovers with Don José, Carmen meets a bull fighter named Escamillo, who falls in love with Carmen as well. Don José’s jealousy is extremely strong. He asks Carmen to forget her new lover. He begs her to leave everything and come with him. Carmen laughs. Don José, wounded in his pride, takes a knife and stabs her until she dies.

I have tried to make a kind of summary of the story that Tessa and Scott have chosen for their free dance this season so that you can understand the essence of the program. I definitely think that this music is a risky choice because of the tragic plot and because of the demanding interpretation that the story requires. The heart of the interpretation lies with Tessa, who will perform the role of Carmen.

By Lucía Blanco Picó


Anonymous said...

Tessa and Scott have mentioned that their interpretation will come more from body moment. What I'm wondering is if that will be more appreciated that just merely relying on facial expression. What I'm personally hoping for is that they find a nice, 50/50 balance between expression through body movement and facial expression. I also feel like there's already a lot of expectations set for Tessa; I get the feeling that if she doesn't nail it as people see fit, people will be ready to proclaim the program as a failure.
I'm so excited to see this program and their SD, I can't wait anymore until Finlandia!

iggie said...

when i watch the ballets, the body and the movement is what i focus on. i think the expression will be there, but i look forward to new ways of moving.

iggie said...

to add... the lines are also amazing in these ballets. if tessa and scott are concentrating on lines, movement, posture, timing... trying to bring a ballet to ice, like the roland petit, then i'll be smiling.

Laura Conroy said...

OLE, OLE Y OLE!!!!!!!!