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HelTra91, montage creator 

Why do you make montages about Tessa and Scott and what keeps you going? 
I make montages either as the result of boredom or avoiding homework. I love music and sometimes you just find a song that screams Tessa and Scott so I go with it. Usually try to do something with it.

What is something people don't realize about the montage making process?

Windows Movie Maker likes to crash and is extremely limited in its effects. I have a dinosaur of a computer so what may take others a few minutes takes me much longer to complete. But it's worth it in the end. People need more creativity in their lives. I recommend tinkering with a video editing program and see what happens.

What is your philosophy between how the clips have to relate to the music? 

Listen for a nuance in the music and find a clip that matches. Whether it's a word or a beat, there has to be something that makes the two mesh together so it doesn't seem right if another song were to be played.

What makes a montage successful to you? 

The need to watch it over and over again once you've completed it to conceitedly revel in your own work. Lots of views, likes, and comments are a good sign too.

Can you explain two of your mo
ntages about Tessa and Scott? 
The first one I completed was to Taylor Swift's "Jump and Fall", inspired purely by the second lift that Tessa and Scott do during their 2009 Worlds OD because she jumped (ish) and (nearly) fell. I had one clip down and just needed to find about a million more to fill in the rest of the song. People seemed to like it so I guess it turned out fine. 

jump then fall

Another one was to David Archuleta's "You Can." Long story short, I love this song. Claimed it will be my wedding song. In my mind, Tessa and Scott are going to get married (let me dream) so I had the brilliant idea to use it for a montage. To be honest the only part I like about the whole montage is the sequence of Goose lifts, but at the time I thought it was a work of art.

you can

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