“It was tough [Friday], but we talked about that this morning, we would rather be pushing the sport, pushing ourselves to do new things. We want things to be different, we want to be original, and it’s about building us as better skaters toward our goal which is in March, which is winning another world championships."

scott, speaking to the press after the free dance at skate canada


seyi1205 said...

I'm glad to hear that they are more worried about pushing the sport, than just merely winning (I still want them to win ofc). Anyways this FD I love it more than should be allowed!! I gladly eat my words from earlier this year when I didn't believe they could do an innovative program to Carmen. And I'm glad to see that even non-fans are appreciating this dance. I know there are people that wouldn't appreciate it and I know I'm supposed to say the political correct thing by saying we all have different tastes, but I think it's crazy not to be impressed with this program!

BTW Misha if you come across the medal ceremony video, please post it. Thanks!

iggie said...

their carmen is modern. it deconstructs the storyline and isn't content to just state the obvious. carmen doesn't bat her eyes and shashays her hips, but is explored deeply. and it's not just about carmen. scott's character is explored too. it's absolutely fascinating, complex, and i've never seen a carmen on ice portrayed like that. to see it skated at worlds after a full season will be spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I love their programmes, both of them. The programmes are really different from everyone else this season, very unique! I think they both are pushing the rules and possibilities in ice dance to the edge with their Carmen. And to a certain extend, themselves, too! Especially, Tessa surprised me! She looks so fragile at times because she is pale but at the time she is quite comanding, as Carmen should be.
By the way, your blog is really great and so organized!
Lastly, there was an audio interview with Tessa and Scott on the cbc page! Here is the link: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/figureskating/video/#id=2298689987 !

Sorry for my English and have a great day!

iggie said...

thank you for the comment, the link and the compliment. i updated the video post with it.