2012 skate canada - videos

featured: free dance, british eurosport commentary with kiss and cry


CTV London fluff
CTV London fluff with interviewer participating
Up Close fluff for SkateBuzz
Faces of SCI fluff for SkateBuzz
CBC audio fluff
Interview with PJ Kwong post free dance
TSN post free dance interview

press conferences

Short dance
Free dance

official practices

Free dance practice - Thursday
Short dance practice - Friday
Free dance practice for spins - Thursday

short dance

Canadian commentary
British Eurosport commentary
Without commentary
Interview post skate
Review of Day 1

free dance*

British Eurosport commentary
British Eurosport commentary with kiss and cry
Russian commentary (gone)
Chinese commentary (watch your eardrums)
Italian commentary (gone)
Canadian commentary
NBC commentary (gone)

medal ceremony



Hallejuah, British Eurosport commentary
Motown group number, British Eurosport commentary + Tessa and Scott talk


*check the comments for translations i found for the non-english commentary


Anonymous said...

Did you watch this yet Misha? I missed it this morning so I just decided to wait until Saturday to watch the program in full, but it's so tempting reading all the comments!! Thanks for the latest series of posts.

iggie said...

i did watch those videos.

Sahararainfall said...

Thanks Iggie again for compiling these. Wish we could get translations of the non-English commentaries.

iggie said...

martyross at fsu translated the italians: Pedrazzini (the man) was clapping... "i enjoyed every single move, look and idea of this program. it's a Carmen that goes beyond the original concept. it is seen in a new way, different but ... incredible." He commented that the moves into the twizzle are taken from modern dance. He personally likes when classic pieces are done with a contemporary interpretation, but keeping the intensity and energy. Despite their difficult and different positions he felt the intensity.

iggie said...

according to pani, the russian eurosport commentary went like this: Jana Kokhlova said, i dont know what to say about this FD. Lifts are amazing, Tessa have great technick in lifts, they always found new positions (for example in spin), enters into element, exits from lifts. then they talked about twizzles levels, different interpretation from the italians. i understand italians storyline better, because in this FS Carmen couldnt be better than Scott (its was Yana co-commentetor words). thats why i cant understand who is the main in this story? Yana said, i think this is their idea (main Scott in FD). I wish to congrats Marina, because she made something unusual from usuall story

iggie said...

according to welei, chinese commentary is as follows:

Before the skate:
Honbo (H): Tessa had a knee injury two years ago but now she is fine. Canadian skates speak with their knees and let's see if this is true.

After the skate:
Male (M): I feel they are not competing on ice but floating on clouds. It's like a dream.
H: They are very good skaters, but I feel they haven't skated 100% today. Maybe because they are still nursing an injury so the condition is lacking a little bit. Compare to D/W, they seem to be using the same style of music, two classic ice dancing music so it's really evident they are in direct competition with one another. Then it's extra important to perfect the details and minimize the mistakes. There are a few mistakes today but if they skate perfectly then they are very good performers.

Reply showing Tessa's first bobble
H: Here is one of their mistakes. But she saved it and covered well even timed to the three beats of the music.
M: What do you think their score will be compare to the Italians
H: Hard to say.

In K/C
H: These teams are very good competitors and we are all very good friends. When we toured in the US we spent a lot of time together playing soccer.
M: They are competing at home so no jet lag for them.
H: Yes so this competition is taxing from Asian skaters, and to cut budget there is only one full day of practice time. Even for world class skaters it's still a trying experience. Need to have good adaptability.

Score comes up

H: These scores really are not low at all (just a Chinese way of saying very good score).
M: 169.41, even with mistakes the judges still like it.
H: Their main competitor is the skaters from the US who won Skate America.

At the desk after the rankings:
H: It's a very exciting competition, like the Canadians sometimes it's inevitable to have mistakes. If there are no mistakes then this wouldn't be called a competition. So today it's evident that the Canadians are the champions out there. From their other elements like the lifts, they put many high risk elements at the end so this got them a lot of points. Tessa's whole body language especially upper body really felt like a ballet dancer. Compare to the Italians their gap between is obvious.

M: Would you add ice dancing aspects into your students if you become a coach?
H: This is a trend because there are many details in ice dance that can be applied to pairs and it's a trend for pairs to emulate ice dancers. Even with the facial expressions and body language ice dancers are often dramatic to win the judges. They are choosing classic music for audience to relive the classics moments and it's something we can use for pairs.