2012 rostelecom cup - videos

featured: after short dance part 1


free dance in practise gear
short dance in costume
short dance in costume, talking to tatiana tarasova
free dance in costume
free dance in costume
exhibition, practising the polka
exhibition, practising the polka
exhibition, practising carmen
before free dance practice
exhibition, practising carmen

short dance

short dance warm up
before short dance
time before short dance warm up
italian commentary
after short dance
kiss and cry
british eurosport commentary

free dance

before free dance
before free dance
warm up
italian commentary
russian commentary
commentary free
british eurosport commentary
kiss and cry
swiss eurosport commentary

press conference/interviews

after short dance part 1
after short dance part 2
after short dance part 3
after free dance part 1
after free dance part 2
after free dance part 3
in mixed zone after short dance
post-free dance

with russian fans

conversation with fans, 9 minutes
conversation with fans, 7 minutes
conversation with fans, 49 minutes

medal ceremony

part 1
part 2

gala + encore

british eurosport commentary

gala group number

commentary free


swiss commentary translated by ioanac and found in comments section


iggie said...


-Shame on us for having doubted their choice! Bizet's "Carmen", arranged by Shchedrin, fits Virtue and Moir like a glove. This is a fantastic program!
-And better skated than at Skate Canada. This is really… truly impressive.
-Let's leave it at that: "really, really…"
-Even Tatiana Tarasova gives a standing ovation. To a Canadian couple. It says everything.
-They are extraordinary. When the best ice dancers in the world revisit a classic, it never gets old. Excellence transcends the most famous themes. We had doubted this choice; not anymore. Virtue and Moir will win this Cup of Russia, that's obvious. Not only that, but they attack the season, having the best possible assets under their belt: talent, genius even, because Tessa Virtue is an absolutely breathtaking Carmen.
-She reinvents herself… Look at this lift! (the first one) She reinvents herself, because her own personality is nothing like Carmen.
-Yes, she's milder. Here, the beginning is almost sexual, the way they touch each other. They play with the tension, it's volcanic…
-Exactly, it's a volcanic interpretation. And there are portions of contemporary dance, perfectly incorporated. Everything works in this program, including the costumes. Both are in black and I find it admirable that they avoided the cliché of having Tessa Virtue wear a red dress.
-They searched deeper than anyone has before them. And not only into the darkness of the character, whom we are used to seeing shining brightly. There's drama in Merimee's story.
-Look at this lift! (the rotational one) It's not even a lift anymore, it's acrobacy, but within the rules. Which is remarkable, because the rules often prevent skaters from performing this kind of interesting and spectacular moves. They succeed in stepping beyond the framework.
-She's transfigured in the end. She's not the Tessa Virtue we know, and that's great. I have bad news for all the ice dancers in the world: the leaders are not going to give up their place, especially not with a program like this one. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are on top. The score is the highest of the night, obviously.
- But it's still 10 points under their personal best.
-I'd say it was undermarked.
-And they're not very pleased. They can do much better.
-But that doesn't change anything.
-It was better than at Skate Canada, they deserved a higher score. No doubt, for the Grand Prix Final… Actually, I have a piece of information for you.
-They are qualified for the GPF. No surprise there.
-You can watch Virtue and Moir again on Eurosport, at the GPF.

seyi1205 said...

This is great. Thanks for putting everything in one place. I love visiting this site, it's so serene here. I hope Tessa and Scott are rewarded for this dance because it's brilliant! I just watched it again recently and I've even come to appreciate it even more.

iggie said...