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From Golden Skate, "Davis and White take four consecutive Grand Prix Final"

“It certainly felt like a season’s best,” said Moir. “I think it is good for this point of the season. We still have to fight for this program, it’s really quite challenging. Our elements were a lot stronger today than they were in Canada or Russia, which we expected because we have been training quite hard. It’s nice to see it pay off in a competition like that. Technically, it was a very strong skate and we still kept that emotion.”


London Free Press preview
Moir and Virtue don’t intend to lose to American rivals again: DiManno (Toronto Star)
Browning: Grand Prix final is the 'Showdown at the Sochi Corral' (CBC.ca)

short dance

Davis, White take 1.92-point lead over Virtue, Moir  (Icenetwork)
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir trail American rivals at Grand Prix figure skating final (Toronto Star)
Davis and White take the lead in Sochi (Golden Skate)
Patrick Chan, Virtue & Moir trail at Grand Prix Final (Associated Press)

free dance

Davis and White Win Sochi Ice Dance 
Davis, White make history with fourth straight gold (Icenetwork)
Figure skating: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir settle for second in Grand Prix final (Toronto Star)
Chan takes bronze, Virtue & Moir win silver at Grand Prix Final (Associated Press)
Kwong: Grand Prix Final teaches skaters to be prepared (CBC.ca)
Quads & rebounds highlight Grand Prix Final (CBC.ca podcast. Ice dance mention at 17:00)

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Marina's interview (Russian but translated at FSU)

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