source: i think the cbc twitter

The press conference was a heartbreaking exercise in putting up a brave face... They almost never stop smiling, but when they did, they looked absolutely crushed.

All the teams were asked how they felt about their performance. Meryl and Charlie were pleased (obviously) and Charlie thanked the coaches for giving them a great program that fit them so well. Scott said they were very pleased with how they skated and that they did everything as they had practiced... He thanked the audience for the wonderful support and said "it's a night we're going to remember" (there's more than one meaning here, I think...) They were then asked if they weren't a bit disappointed with the result. Scott said he wouldn't call it a disappointment, but that, yeah, they hadn't planned to be in second after the SD. There was another question for Tessa, about why she changed the dress, and she replied that sometimes she needs something new, a fresh idea, when the program becomes second nature - apparently the dress had been made from the beginning of the season, but she decided to wear it only now.

The final question was about the FD, and how they are going to approach it. Tessa said they love Carmen, they've been trying to do something new, to blend new elements and interesting connecting moves, and to challenge themselves. She said they're very proud of the program and hope they will skate it perfectly on Saturday.

I'm very happy that none of the journalists who asked questions emphasized the disappointment and the fact that expectations had been so high. It was kind and respectful towards Tessa and Scott. I think people could see how heartbroken they were, despite the cheerful mask.


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