carmen's reception in russia

carmen had debuted in stunning fashion at skate canada in terms of its reception in the media and the love continued when they skated in russia a few weeks later. the dance so impressed tatiana tarasova, the legendary figure skating coach, that she rose to her feet to give tessa and scott a standing ovation when she saw it live at rostelecom cup. this significant show of respect was catpured here.

pj kwong, along with many journalists who saw that moment, was blown away and wrote about it in this article: "my favourite moment of the whole competition was seeing the camera capture coaching legend mme. tatiana tarasova on her feet at the end of virtue and moir's performance. it confirms for me what i already believe: this is performance art combined with athleticism at its highest level. looking down the road, i think that virtue and moir's carmen free dance will be remembered in this generation like the torvill and dean masterpiece bolero was in theirs."

tatiana navka, the ice dance diva herself, was in the audience too. she said this, "i am very interesting to see what happens today in the sport. i was at the cup of russia and it was very sorry to see. there are all other skaters and then there are canadians. [the gap between tessa and scott and everyone else is just huge.] tessa virtue and scott moir, of course, an extraordinary couple, just awesome." as the 2006 olympic champion, 2-time world champion and 3-time european champion watched the canadian carmen, she was simply astonished. "emotions overwhelm me from the beginning to the end. i just stayed in the wild delight of how they relate to each other, how they relate to the ice as they relate to the program. a feeling that they just do not hear what's going on. unfortunately, no equal to them team today." just to note, navka won the olympics skating to ... carmen. she knows the carmen intimately, knows what it takes to skate to it and won her biggest title with it. so her compliment ranks just as high as tarasova's standing ovation.

kurt and tracy gushed about carmen in their podcast. kurt said that there is a rawness here, yes. but few skaters actually have the skating skills, maturity and concentration required to go beyond the elements and bring art and rawness to their programs. we're used to young skaters who only focus on skating as a sport. tracy was equally admant that they changed what she thought was possible in ice dance. with their technical ability and the risks they take artistically, which make the technical elements riskier, they boggle the mind. it's wonderful for the sport. they reinvent themselves each year and it's just wonderful for all dancers coming up.

marina actually gave several interviews to the russian press. those are found here.

when tessa and scott were asked about carmen in an interview, this is how the interviewer introduced it: "tessa, scott, of your carmen is spoken of as one of the most exciting performances among this season's free dances." the russian afterglow of the skate canada debut was still here.

notes on the score

this carmen scored lower than skate canada's. 103.34 compared to 104.32. weird since you expect the scores to start rising with each competition and they were pretty solid. in fact, tessa and scott haven't scored this low on the grand prix since the 2009 circuit.

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