marina's comments on carmen at skate canada

from icenetwork:

this season, marina zoueva has brought the drama. the coach and choreographer wanted to show a different side of tessa virtue and scott moir, so she turned to a story and music that spells passion like no other: bizet's carmen.

"the best thing about tessa and scott is their connection, how they are a man and woman on the ice," zoueva said. "they always performed in a lyrical way, a lovely way. this is the first time in their careers they are showing love in a dramatic way, and that is number one."

"everything in the program is new, never done in figure skating before: all of the lifts, spins, footwork," zoueva said. "it is a difficult program, and they did a great job. there is lots of room for improvement; the day they do it really well, it will be over 200 points [for both programs]."

zoueva, who with oleg epstein and johnny johns coaches the couple and their top rivals, u.s. champions meryl davis and charlie white, in canton, mich., was inspired to create carmen by virtue's growing versatility as a performer.

"years ago when tessa and scott were juniors, many of the comments from judges and officials were that they could see more of scott," she said. "he's dancing, he's hyper, he has dark hair, he has enthusiasm. tessa is so gentle, so lyrical, so beautiful. "now tessa is a woman, and she has had drama in her life ... before she was quite a naïve and lovely girl, but now she can show the dramatic aspect of love."

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