marina's comments on tessa and scott losing worlds

from world figure skating:

marina zoueva, who coaches both noth american teams, shared with media her impressions on another success of her students.

“both of my duos are simply stunning ice dancers and great people! i am very happy for them and proud of them! hopefully in the future there will be even more competitive spirit between them, and they will fight and show their best sides!” zoueva commented.

on davis/white’s victory: “they were just perfect! what could be better? they came to the competitions, they fought and they won! i want to note that if ice dance couples of one team perform at one event, then no one of them loses – just another one wins. i take care of them just like about my children! today one team did the job better but another duo also did a great job – i can’t find fault for something, everything was just perfect! “

on differences: “in my view, both couples skated very well, difficult and emotionally. but today we saw two completely different programs performed by completely different skaters. they differ in style, emotions and feelings. therefore it is always so hard to choose which one is better. it’s like choosing between apples and oranges.”

on audience: “we do everything for the audience. we want that people, who come to arena, were able to empathize and participate in the creative mystery, even if only for few minutes! and if at the time of skating viewers can internally feel a sense of excitement, we may assume that i and guys did our job. “

on olympics: “i think in the next season in ice dance will simultaneously develop the technical and artistic side. but after the olympics the rules will change. and a new champion will have to bring something new to ice dance again. i think my champions already have brought to ice dancing very much!”

from the national post:

"marina zueva, who coaches both teams, said she couldn’t feel bad for the canadians. 'i’m always happy for both teams. they are unbelievable skaters, unbelievable people. no matter what they do, they put all their soul, all their energy into this sport. okay, second place, but does it matter, when some people are crying, everyone is involved emotionally in the creativity of what they do? how can i be sad?'"

from icenetwork:

"marina zoueva, who coaches both teams in canton, mich., had mixed emotions. 'they are like your children; for me, it is a little bit difficult," she said. "but one did better job, the judges decided. but, the other one did an awesome job as well. i can't say they did anything wrong; it was great. ask the judges, not me."


i wrote "tessa and scott" losing worlds, not carmen, because marina doesn't even bring up carmen, what it was, what it could have been, how it should have been scored, how it changed ice dance, how it enhanced tessa and scott's legacy in ice dance, etc.

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