behind the scenes: contemporary spam

I logged in just now and I saw that a comment was awaiting moderation. I thought that that was strange because while I do moderate posts, I only moderate comments on posts that are older than 10 days. You can comment on any post, going back to January 2012, but when you go far enough back in time, I can't keep track of it, in part because I really am not expecting it. Those conversations are over, we've said what we needed to say and we've all moved on. If I were to expect comments, I'd expect them for this series and this series is two-ish days old so there wouldn't be a comment waiting to be approved. It'd be posted.

This particular comment was spam and I decided that I wanted to bring it to you so that you can see contemporary spam ... and why I make the comment section complicated sometimes so that I don't have to wade through spam, which always outnumbers real comments. Forget the old school spam where they'd just immediately tell me that they're about a new pill for impotence or a bridge in China or something so that I can immediately press delete, the modern bots are mad slick.

"I could not resist commenting. Very well written! Also visit my homepage - cheap legal highs" by Anonymous

I'll comment on the comment ... First I start out with the assumption that it is indeed a comment, not spam. The first two phrases are pretty normal and what any blogger would want to hear. Then it finishes with a bang -- or, with the spam. I can't believe that someone, the person coding this spam bot, would take the strategies behind understanding an audience and what disarms them, makes them trust and feel comfortable in order to waste my time. It's particularly devious how it worked hard to mislead me. It's sickly sophisticated and is highly effective at, not making me take action and support their cause, but amplifying how much I hate spam.

The complete irrelevance is what makes it spam and the stupidity of knowing it doesn't matter to me and sending it anyway (or being unable to figure that out) is what makes people like me so frustrated, not the cause itself, not the idea of going to another site, not the idea of promoting another website ... It wastes my time and reminds me that people do fake even sincerity, relevance, passion, appreciation. I don't have a red hood over my dark mass of hair and when I open my blog's comment section and expect to find a genuine thought written down, I don't furrow my brows and ask the imposture: "are you spam?". I press delete and keep it moving, but I thought it'd make a good blog post. Yes, that's truly behind the scenes.


Would it fascinate you to know that that there is no link to said homepage? So this type of advertising is completely useless, in addition to being pointless and offensive.

... Two days later, I'm cracking up over here while I sort through the spam for this series. Those were even more epic that this particular comment. I just wish that they'd gone as a response to this post because then I would have left them! They would have actually been useful and serve a point.

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