classic moments: fluff

featured: 2007 skate canada fluff

so what's a "fluff"? it's a short documentary that is shown before a competition to introduce you to a skater or a skating pair. i love them and, below, i've compiled as many fluffs as i could find for tessa and scott.

each fluff usually has an introduction and that's where rob and tracy build excitement about the competition, the rivalries, and the greatness that's possible in the next hour. during the fluffs themselves, tessa and scott reveal something about themselves and give us insight into what it takes to train at their calibre and the challenges that they've had to overcome. i saw most of these on tv, but i thought that i'd compile them here for new or recent fans. if you weren't around when tessa and scott were the #2 dance team in canada, watch the 2007 nationals fluff and smile. if you want to see them as a fresh-faced duo, then watch the 2005 nationals fluff -- be prepared for immense cuteness though. you'll also hear from their old coaches and get some perspective about the first half of their senior career.

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