Explaining Romantic music: Introduction

After the moment of euphoria when we learned that Tessa and Scott would skate to two pieces from the Late Romantic period for their new free dance, fans immediately decided to learn more about the music that would be the soundtrack for our emotions throughout the season. This moment of excitement and curiosity led to great conversations, which were full of learning and exchanging knowledge. Although we have already started our research and commentary on the new songs, it never hurts to know more, so Misha gave me some space to write more of what I know.

To introduce myself, I’m Leticia. Currently, I’m studying the clarinet at one of the best music schools in Brazil and when I graduate, I intend to be a professional musician. Though I spend many, many hours studying music, I do take some time to watch skating. All forms of art fascinate me in a way that only I can understand. For me, it’s really special to witness any form of expression, whether in music, theater or dance. Skating is my latest passion, a new world that I discovered earlier this year, and I want to keep following it. This coming season will be the first one I've followed from the start, and I've butterflies in my stomach just thinking about how exciting it will be. While I'm watching Tessa and Scott skate, I get really hypnotized and that is fascinating to me! I really love two things that are not popular in Brazil, not even a little bit, which makes me feel that I am part of a parallel world—it’s a funny feeling. So, it’s very important for me to have our fan community online.

As we know, Tessa and Scott take special care with every nuance and every little moment in their programs, valuing the music very much. A good understanding of music can greatly help us to fully capture those small details and to understand the ideas that are being transmitted. Misha kindly separated my ideas into two smaller posts so that you can read through everything more easily. Here they are:

Three main periods in classical music
The period of Romanticism