dance technique in the short dance: introduction

this series is a bit spontaneous and came as a special request from my fellow posters in the fan community. as i love to demonstrate, the fans who gather in forums to chat about tessa and scott are highly knowledgeable. some of them actually know dance very well, especially ballroom dancing, so when they take the time to write down their observations about how tessa and scott handle the finnstep, the compulsory dance set in the middle of the short dance, in addition to the additional ballroom themes, the other fans really sit up and take notice.

at their level, it's beyond simply gushing about how perfect tessa and scott are. it's about experts who know each move when it comes to ballroom and they can systematically point out how tessa and scott have brought ballroom concepts, which are done on hardwood floors in shoes or heels, to the ice, which is done with boots and blades. they can explain the technique behind each element tessa and scott are performing, breaking down the steps and the relation to the music. it's actually incredibly informative and when they include videos, and we get to see it, it's enlightening. at a basic level, this is ice dancing and dancing itself is a sport, literally, with serious and fixed conventions and rules. we do appreciate the passion, the theatrics and the creativity, and we understand that once the technique is settled, you go out there and do it "once more, with feeling" -- but all of that comes once the basic structure of the dance itself is executed brilliantly and each couple's unique take on the dance must demonstrate an astute and clear understanding of that particular style of dance and music, along with the era it comes from and the sense and sensibility attached to it.

if you follow our threads, you'll see posts like this for all different aspects of dancing. we did it for broadway when tessa and scott skated to "funny face". we saw it for modern dance when tessa and scott took on the challenge of "carmen". when it comes to the short dance, we'll break down waltzes, foxtrots and tangos with ease. but fans don't want these posts to get lost because one thing that you'll find about the fan community is that we talk and post very often so in six months, we won't be able to find these particular posts with ease. that's why someone requested that i archive them on my blog. it's also a great way to get the idea out there to casual fans of ice dance who come to this blog and for fans of tessa and scott who, for some reason, don't visit the forums or missed that particular section of the thread.

bournekraatzfan's post triggered the original request. i was indeed happy to format it and code it for the blog, but i also planned to put her post as a part of a larger series so that i would be able to include more amazing posts from a wider range of posters. i'm usually at fsu, i realize that, but we have dancing experts, whether in the theory or the execution, throughout the internet, in other forums and in other languages. i thought that i'd create a space to feature those posts when they come.

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