non-competition related info (2013-2014 season)

featured: clip with jean marc genereux for w netowrk show


P&G's raising an olympian with tessa and scott's mothers (video)
interview with ryan pyette about their w network show (video)
canadian olympic team secret to success (video)
wnetwork's show, tessa & scott trailer (video)
CP24 interview post skate canada (video)
tessa and scott talk about their relationship (CBC, audio)
photo from w network's launch (twitter)
wnetwork's press release for the show 
career retrospective (, article)
pj kwong's interview with them about P&G products (video)
the business of tessa and scott (pj kwong, article)
packing for sochi (video, brief mention at the end)
loveable film crew added no extra pressure (article)


tessa and scott on how they're preparing for sochi (article)
tessa and scott's mahler featured on battle of the blades (video, starts at 14:05)
tessa and scott with hairstylist (photo)
rivalry is the spice of sport (article)
a minute with (video)
fan meet and greet in paris part one (video)
fan meet and greet in paris part two (video)


stars on ice opening (video)
stars on ice wonder (video)
stars on ice carmen (video)
stars on ice stay (video)
stars on ice (cbc player)
rbc announcement of its winter athletes + tessa and scott interview (video)
ad for w network show (video)
one on one with tessa (video)
paul moir speaking about blade sharpening (video)
a second ad for w network show (video)
happy holidays from tessa and scott (video)
a third ad for w network show (video)
a second copy a the third ad (video)
clip with jean marc genereux (video)
second clip with jean marc genereux (video)
on ice rivals (video)
one on one with scott (video)
holiday photo released by w network (photo)
a fourth ad for w network show (video)
secrets of tessa virtue (video)
canadians to watch at sochi (maclean's article)
road to the olympics feature (video)
interview with the canadian press (article)
radio interview with corus (video)


interview with tessa and scott on the eve of w network show (article)
road to the olympics (video)
team on the edge (video)
canadian living q and a (article)
episodes from tessa and scott (video, canada-only)
pecking order for team competition (article)
scott embraces olympic press (article)
five reasons to like w network series, tessa and scott (article)
meet the athletes (video)
dreams made and crushed at nationals (article)


tessa and scott want fairytale ending (article)
the last battle (article)
canada am interview at airport (video)
profile on tessa and scott (article)
pwc interview (video)
honing their chances with photo and wit (article)