the quote project: introduction

Cherub — As a Virtue & Moir fan it's always a pleasure hearing the high praise the skating world has for them. Over the years, it actually got a little overwhelming, as in "remember when Zhulin said...?" and then not being able to remember the context anymore, because he'd said so many great things by then. All of these wonderful articles, translations, bits of commentary, and remarks got buried with the next stream of information. I thought I might try to collect some of the best ones just for posterity. When I learned iggie was creating a fan book for Tessa and Scott, I kicked it into high gear, asked other fans for help, and started researching so we could present the project to them. I ended up with a 27 page document that I was thrilled to see Tessa leafing through.

tessa is flipping through the quotes; scott has the personal letters

I continued working on it throughout the offseason, and it's up to 47 pages and counting now. It has to be constantly updated because their peers cannot stop saying wonderful things about V&M's skating. It's amazing when even those who are competing directly against them (or coaching their rivals!) stop to say how wonderful they are... from skaters who are just starting out to multiple Olympic champions, from many countries, in different disciplines. Next time someone calls you an uber or a stan for Virtue & Moir, remember you're in great company. It's edifying to see that so many of the skaters I love so much really get V&M's vision of dance and how beautifully they translate it to ice.

Misha — Cherub, Sahararainfall and I have been working on this project for a while now so I'm pleased to finally have it on the blog. There are many quotes, but it obviously doesn't include every nice thing ever said about Tessa and Scott. That said, I hope you enjoy reading it and viewing the photos.


more quotes will be added this week

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