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excerpt — "But what viewers are seeing now in the program was filmed months ago — either too long ago or not long enough to have much significance for the duo.
“We’ve sort of lived it already,” says Virtue. “We don’t want to go back and feel the things that we were feeling in August and in September, especially just a few weeks short of the Olympics. We’re in such a good place now. I think we needed to go through that fall to get her, but it’s better for us to just block everything out.”
from "tessa and scott skate around retirement talk"


canadian skaters leave nothing to chance in ottawa

short dance

tessa and scott win short
tessa and scott unhappy with short 
tessa and scott skate around retirement talk

free dance

tessa and scott claim canadian title


patrick heads a strong team going into sochi
will tessa and scott get a fair chance for olympic gold
tessa and scott mentor young members of the team