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In this interview with Game On!, Tessa and Scott talk about whether or not they're retired. They say they're taking a year off, but they don't know. It's certainly odd not to be competing because they're so used to it. Scott watches some of the skating but Tessa doesn't. They also speak about their job as emcees of Gold Medal Plates on November 12, an organization that helps to fund Own The Podium, which in turn helped to fund Tessa and Scott. They hadn't been to one before so it was daunting to then host it, but they enjoyed themselves and the food, which featured the best restaurants from that area.

Tessa and Scott then were asked about being the greatest skaters in Canadian history. "It's high praise. I'm not sure it's true." Tessa said they're not far enough removed to really have that title. They come from a big country of figure skating greats. "Imagine where Tessa would be if I didn't hold her down?" quipped Scott. "Hopefully there'll be kids who will blow us out of the water".

They were also asked to reflect on the Vancouver Olympics. "When we look at photos, it takes us right back there," said Scott. "Even though it felt like we were kids at 20 and 22. At the same time, it was a special moment, seeing the whole country come together for the games."

About Sochi, "Sochi was a dream, from beginning and end. I think people are surprized to hear that," offered Tessa. "Going in, we're healthy, four years older. We knew what to expect from an Olympic games. We were closer with our fellow Canadian athletes. Then we had our best performances. There really wasn't much more we could have asked for. We got off the ice feeling almost better than we did in Vancouver. It was just magically. Of course, we were disappointed with our silver, but we weren't disappointed with our skates. The reactions of happiness and joy are genuine."

They then were brought back to the time they started dating at 7 and 9, and Scott broke up with Tessa over the phone. "Two days later we were at the rink, skating and still not talking to each other."

And the goose. The goose made it into the lexicon like the axel and flip. The eagle and goose story comes out again, with eagle being the original American term for the lift and the goose being the Canadian version of the name.

About being in London, they can fly under the radar.


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